Avoid mishaps with matter management software

Legal matter management software tracks all of your cases and matters in one centralized location. Save time and increase productivity with task and deadline management tools and time tracking and billing capabilities. Plus, share documents and communicate with your team and clients directly within the platform, ensuring everyone stays up to date.

Document management in CARET Legal

Track and manage matters from start to finish

Our legal matter management software gives a bird’s eye view of all the elements related to a case, in a single consolidated place. This includes smart statistics that keep you continuously updated and aware of vital information. From contacts, events, time/expenses and invoices, to documents, intake forms and more, you can manage every aspect of a case at a glance, increasing efficiency and keeping you more organized.

Matter management in CARET Legal
Matterscapes in CARET Legal

Delegate tasks and stay organized

Within each matter, there are numerous tasks that need to be completed. Legal task management allows lawyers to create tasks specific to each matter, assign them to team members, automatically set deadlines synced with calendars, and track progress, enhancing collaboration and visibility.

With full customization, you’re in charge

CARET Legal’s matter management system is robust and customizable. You can:

“CARET Legal has everything I need – accounting, tracking for billable hours, compact and sleek storage for the firm’s contacts, and an intuitive matter management system. I strongly recommend CARET Legal to everyone in need of a case management software. Trust me, once you try it, you’ll be wondering how you could ever work without it.”

– Bryan Ramos, Cass Ramos Law Firm

Streamline operations with legal matter management software

How to effectively adopt a new matter management system into your law firm

Even the best cloud-based practice management system could fall flat if your legal team doesn’t support the platform or understand how to use it.

Is your law firm efficient? Think about how your firm operates daily.

Tools like document automation and client portals improve day-to-day matter management and client collaboration.

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