Personal Injury Software for Attorneys

From case valuation to demand letters, through settlement negotiations and trial, making clients whole is how you win. Regardless if you represent the injured plaintiff or a defendant insurer, you must have a powerful personal injury case management software.

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Your Personal Injury Software Should Accelerate Your Cases to Settlement

Using a patchwork of different tools, each designed for a specific function, is costly, overly complex, and wastes time. With complete personal injury case management software, that includes Smart Settlement Management, you can seamlessly manage every action taken in every case from intake to settlement distribution.

The most efficient firms rely on personal injury software that simplifies their daily record-keeping and information management needs – freeing time to advise clients and prepare negotiation strategies. CARET Legal’s personal injury software is built into our legal practice management platform and is purposefully-designed to help PI lawyers with all aspects of their cases.

Operate a civil litigation firm with a personal injury division? Our platform can be customized for other practice areas as well. 

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Our Personal Injury Software Features

Inside CARET Legal, each of these practice management features can be customized to fit the processes of a typical personal injury firm.

Smart Settlement Management

CARET Legal’s Settlement Management tools enable firms to efficiently manage settlement percentages and seamlessly generate settlement memos for all parties and even referring attorneys. With this feature, an accompanying customizable Settlement Statement is also generated with each Settlement Memo.

Expense & Value Management

Managing dozens of expenses is a big task. With CARET Legal, you can easily capture expenses for your firm, clients, or third parties. These costs are totaled in a detailed Value List for each matter, giving your firm the total value of expenses incurred, not just the dollar amount. All expenses owed are detailed in the final Settlement Memo.

Case & Matter Management

With high stakes and hard deadlines, firms need solutions that keep all team members organized, efficient, and accountable. As the most robust personal injury case management software serving the legal industry, CARET Legal delivers all of the tools your front office needs.

Automated workflows for personal injury firms

Create a series of automatically scheduled tasks and meetings to uplevel client satisfaction in cases that pertain to car accidents, slip and fall accidents, medical malpractice, product liability, workplace accidents and more.

Unleash the full potential of your resources and accelerate progress with organized workflows.

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The All-Inclusive Answer for a Firm That Needs Accessibility

When the pandemic hit, Berdon and the rest of the firm realized it was finally time to replace their existing practice management software, an on-premises solution they’d been relying on to run their accounting and more for decades. They decided to make the switch to CARET Legal, a cloud-based legal practice management tool that gave the firm the accessibility and flexibility it needed to operate in remote times.

Personal Injury Software FAQs

Personal injury software is a practice management tool that helps PI attorneys manage their firm and build compelling cases. It should include custom forms and templates for various types of personal injury cases that are both going into settlement or going to trial, as well as specific features; like the ability to conduct conflict checks.

Personal injury law software usually comes as part of a LPMS, and is a single source of truth. It’s capable of running almost every aspect of your firm, including but not limited to: case and client management, court procedure and deadline tracking, repetitive task automation, collaboration, reporting, time and billing logistics, and accounting.

As a personal injury attorney, you’re often dealing with clients suffering with physical and/or mental ailments, and helping them keep track of multiple claims. CARET Legal personal injury software simplifies how you manage your firm, giving you back the time you need to support your clients during their recovery.

Yes! Our legal practice management software for personal injury attorneys allows you to capture expenses and easily recover them at settlement. With additional features like intake forms, custom fields, and our client portal, you can have a custom personal injury experience while not being limited to cases of that type.

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