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Personal Injury Software for Attorneys

Practice management software for PI attorneys who rely on successful client dispositions to drive their practice

Thousands of files, hundreds of emails, dozens of court dates, contacts and expenses – one platform that was designed to help firms manage it all; CARET Legal’s personal injury law firm software allows you to double your productivity.

From case valuation to demand letters, through settlement negotiations and even trial, you are compelled to make your clients’ health and property whole after an accident. Regardless if you represent the injured plaintiff or a defendant insurer, it is important that your personal injury practice management software is tailored in a way that solves your unique challenges.

Settlement Statement

Making clients whole is how you win

Personal injury cases require vast amounts of research, information gathering, and time to reach a settlement. Using a patchwork of different tools, each designed for a specific function, is not only costly and overly complex, but it’s also ineffective and wastes your precious time.

With complete case and financial management, including Smart Settlement Management, CARET Legal’s robust practice management platform for personal injury attorneys helps firms seamlessly manage every action taken in every case from intake to settlement distribution.

Review Quote

It’s head and shoulders above everything else we considered. It’s really a great program.

CARET Legal is all-inclusive. It provides you with the information that you need, right at your fingertips. It’s easy to manage your files electronically and quite frankly, the ability to access that information easily on your phone or iPad in a way that mirrors what you’re looking at in the office is great. There’s certainly been less frustration in the office around having to find information, because it’s a lot more readily available. The user experience is more natural, so it’s easier to train new staff.

Peter Berdon

Your Personal Injury Software Should Accelerate Your Cases to Settlement

Your firm is busy — it needs a personal injury software suite that simplifies the record-keeping and information management needs of your daily practice and speeds your cases towards an appropriate settlement, enabling you to deliver a win for client after client. Your legal practice management solution should be tailored to managing tasks and deadlines – freeing your time to advise clients and prepare negotiation strategies.

CARET Legal’s Personal Injury software suite is purposefully-designed to help PI lawyers with all aspects of their cases by utilizing customizable and revolutionary features.

Our Personal Injury Software Features:

CARET Legal's Personal Injury Module

Smart Settlement Management

CARET Legal’s Settlement Management tools enable firms to efficiently manage settlement percentages and seamlessly generate settlement memos for all parties and even referring attorneys. With this feature, an accompanying customizable Settlement Statement is also generated with each Settlement Memo.

Values List within Expenses in CARET Legal

Expense & Value Management

Managing dozens of expenses incurred by the client and firm can be a big task. CARET Legal’s robust Expense Management features allow you to easily capture expenses for all parties, whether paid by firm, client or third parties. These costs are totaled in a detailed Value List for each matter, giving your firm the total value of expenses incurred, not just the dollar amount. All expenses owed are detailed in the final Settlement Memo.

CARET Legal matter management

Case & Matter Management

With high stakes and hard deadlines, firms need solutions that keep all team members organized, efficient, and accountable. As the most robust personal injury case management software serving the legal industry, CARET Legal delivers all of the tools your front office needs.

CARET Legal calendaring

Case-Centric Legal Calendaring 

Easily track Statute of Limitations and leverage CARET Legal’s integration with LawToolBox to ensure you never miss a deadline.


CRM & Intake Management

Streamline pre-retention and intake management with CARET Legal’s native legal Client Relationship Management tool. Easily generate key business intelligence metrics to help grow your practice.

Custom fields for personal injury matter

Custom Fields

Set up personal injury-specific custom fields that can be used to generate commonly-used documents (for example, a retainer letter or a document outlining pre-trial instructions) with a single click.

Our personal injury software module also includes:

mail and security icon

Intelligent (Patented) Email Management

Keep track of all exchanges with adjusters, insurance companies, medical providers, and clients with CARET Legal’s built-in email system.

clipboard and pencil icon

Document Management

Store, and collaborate on, thousands of matter-related documents. Automatically generate letters to parties, insurance companies, and the court without ever retyping the same information.

briefcase and lock icon

Client Portal

CARET Legal Caseway™ is an easy-to-use client portal that allows firms to securely exchange documents with clients and other external collaborators.

gears icon

Task Management

Built-in task templates allow firms to streamline workflows — saving time and money, and reducing the margin of error.

pencil and paper icon

Notes Organizer

Avoid the build-up of legal pads with our note-taking system and file organizer. Keep everyone in the loop by creating rich-text notes, tied to cases, that are accessible by your whole team.

CARET Legal also features Contact Management, Dedicated Mobile Apps and so much more…in one, easy-to-use platform.

Review Quote

CARET Legal is Great for My Personal Injury Practice

There are many customizable options, especially in “Matters”. I keep the most important details in a custom main menu in Matters” for quick reference. This saves a lot of time since my staff and I often need to refer to the same info when speaking with defense counsel or other parties. The calendar is also very flexible. CARET Legal’s customer service is unrivaled. They always respond quickly and will help you with any issues.

Verified User in Legal Services

Personal Injury Software FAQs

1. What is personal injury software?

Personal injury law software, like CARET Legal, is a legal practice management software that helps PI attorneys manage their firm and build compelling cases. It should include custom forms and templates for various types of personal injury cases (like medical malpractice, workplace accidents, etc.) that are both going into settlement or going to trial. It should also include specific features like the ability to conduct conflict checks.

CARET Legal supports contingency billing and is HIPAA Compliant.

2. What does personal injury law software do?

Personal injury law software usually comes as part of a legal practice management system. It acts as a single source of truth for personal injury attorneys who are managing a variety of cases going to settlement or trial. It’s capable of running almost every aspect of your firm, including but not limited to: case and client management, court procedure and deadline tracking, remote work enablement, repetitive task automation, internal and external communication, team collaboration, reporting, time and billing logistics, and accounting.

3. Why is personal injury software important?

As a personal injury attorney, you’re often dealing with clients suffering with physical and/or mental ailments, and helping them keep track of multiple claims. CARET Legal personal injury software simplifies how you manage your firm, giving you back the time you need to support your clients during their recovery.

4. Is CARET Legal made especially for personal injury attorneys?

Yes! Our legal practice management software can be completely customized with our Personal Injury module. This allows you to capture expenses and easily recover them at settlement. With additional features like intake forms, custom fields, and Caseway client portal you can have a custom personal injury experience while not being limited to cases of that type.

It can also help firms manage the following practice areas:

  • Family Law
  • Civil Litigation
  • Real Estate Law
  • Criminal Defense
  • Estate Planning
  • Immigration Law
  • Employment Law

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