Secure, comprehensive legal case management software

From intake to resolution, our legal case management software acts as your firm’s single source of truth. Track every aspect of your cases — including related matters and scheduling information — inside a single, secure legal practice management platform.

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Matter management, unlocked

Tied to our legal case management system, our matter management software helps your team prioritize the right work. Keep all your information in a single centralized place, alongside cases, so your entire firm — not just attorneys — can better manage time and deadlines.

Document management in CARET Legal
CARET Legal Workflows

Automated workflows

Imagine your busy work on autopilot: CARET Legal Workflows allow your firm to schedule tasks and meetings based on case type, facilitating upcoming steps as your team works through each matter.

Email that’s actually productive

Law firm email management software that lets you bill for time and convert messages to tasks and calendar events. Easily find case-related contacts with our patented Smart Suggestsystem and manage messages using your existing email account. No more wasted time.

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See how your firm can increase employee engagement and client satisfaction with the right technology
Leveraging technology to improve employee engagement and client satisfaction

Case-centric calendaring

When your law firm case management software integrates with your calendaring system, you’ll never miss a deadline. Save time by automatically creating time entries and eliminating manual calculations. It’s your calendar, but more streamlined.

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Task management in CARET Legal

Automated & efficient task management

Legal task management keeps your entire team on the same page. Set deadlines and reminders, and store all of your pre-defined procedures in a single location complete with intuitive filtering and sorting options.

You don’t have to sweat the details

Meet client expectations

Your clients demand high-quality service and expect your firm to be productive, attentive and responsive. Legal technology can help.

Sharing is caring (and collaborating)

Improve communication and enhance collaboration by easily sharing updates and documents while also assigning tasks.

“I really appreciate the inclusiveness of CARET Legal: it includes accounting, document and case management and CRM in one platform. Fewer subscriptions to manage and fewer applications to understand and try to integrate. I want to have a paperless practice as much as possible, and CARET Legal has really helped with that.”

– Meg Pauken, Pauken Legal Services, LLC

Legal Case Management Software FAQs

A legal case management system centralizes all of your client information, reducing the risk of losing, misplacing, or misfiling critical data. An all-in-one legal case management platform ensures that all pertinent data is accessible from a single place.

Essential features for effective legal case management software include:

  • Matter management
  • Email integration
  • Calendar synchronization
  • Workflow automation
  • Task management

Legal case management software is crucial for firms aiming to:

  • Manage all case aspects within a single platform
  • Enhance organizational capabilities
  • Streamline operations and procedures
  • Maximize efficiency and productivity
  • Maintain a single source of truth for case data

A matter management system allows you to oversee all case-related elements—including contacts, events, tasks, notes, communications, expenses, invoices, documents, intake forms, and payments—from one centralized location, increasing organizational efficiency and oversight.

Within CARET Legal, you can customize matters by practice area and responsible attorney, set matter-level restrictions, create custom fields, and adjust billing, interest options, and rate cards.

Yes, CARET Legal includes an audit trail logging feature that provides a detailed record of all matter-related activities, enhancing accountability and transparency.

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