Family Law Software for Attorneys

We make family law software for attorneys who work in one of the most emotionally charged areas of law. Because the cost is too high to not get it right, it’s extremely important to use end-to-end family law software to automate redundant, time-consuming processes, so that you can keep the focus on serving your clients.

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Family Law Software Lets You Focus on Fighting for Your Client’s Safety, Rights, and Future

The stakes are high in family law. When the emotional complexities of providing advice during a hard-fought dissolution or protecting a victim of domestic violence are an integral part of your practice, it’s hard to reserve brain capacity to handle day-to-day case management activities. That’s where family law software can be a big help.

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Family Law Technology That Improves Your Firm

Family law practice management software, like CARET Legal, helps attorneys manage cases for divorces, adoptions, custody and child support issues, and domestic violence cases, to name a few. Thousands of family law attorneys go the extra mile for their clients by saving time with a purpose-built practice suite that automates tasks and reduces clerical and administrative tasks.

Our Family Law Software Features

Inside CARET Legal, each of these practice management features can be customized to fit the processes of a typical family law firm.

Case Management

Family law case management software organizes client information and sets in motion workflows with accurately prepared legal forms and precise follow-up events. Case status, chronology, deadline, and alert reports enable you to support each case’s upcoming activities.

Legal Calendaring

Our legal calendar software puts powerful organizational tools at your fingertips, enabling you to easily and efficiently collaborate with your entire staff to schedule appointments, track deadlines, and mitigate the risk of a deadline falling through the cracks.

Time & Billing Activities

Invoice management for family law firms enables your team to automatically capture all time and bill your clients with simple single clicks from within CARET Legal.

Automated workflows for family law firms

Imagine your busy work on autopilot. Automatically schedule tasks and calendar events that pertain to preparing documents, meeting with clients, appearing in court, and administrative tasks for cases like divorce petitions, child custody cases, prenuptial agreements, and more.  

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Family Law Firm Excels When Equipped with the Right Tools

When Wright found that CARET Legal supported split billing, she investigated the company’s integrated software as a service offering. The company’s vision aligned with her own: firms excel when equipped with the right tools.

Frequently Asked Questions About Family Law Software

Family law software is part of a legal practice management software that is designed to help family attorneys manage their firm. It should include specific features, like custom templates that streamline the process for attorneys handling divorces, adoptions, custody and child support issues, guardianships, domestic violence prevention, and others.

Family law software acts as a single source of truth for firms who manage all types of family law cases. It’s capable of running most aspects of a family law firm, including but not limited to: case and client management, remote work, internal and external document management, team collaboration, time and billing logistics, and accounting.

Family attorneys are often asked to handle high-stress, high-stake situations. Legal practice management systems equipped with family law software enables the practice to be as efficient as possible. Speed and accuracy are tangible benefits of using family law software as opposed to a general law software system.

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