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End-to-End Legal Practice Management Software to Run Your Firm

Leave siloed, standalone law firm software behind and embrace a complete, scalable legal practice management platform, like CARET Legal.

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What’s inside the CARET Legal practice management platform

Is your law firm just making do? Outdated systems and makeshift tools — even those purchased in the last 3 to 6 years — are no longer meeting the needs of firms and their clients. As a result, firms are investing in comprehensive legal practice management software like CARET Legal to gain efficiencies and meet new and increasing demands as they grow.

Our law firm management software includes key features like:

Case Management

Losing, misplacing, and misfiling critical client information is more likely to happen when you’re using multiple systems and applications. Our legal case management solution ties everything together so your data is accessible from a single place. Case management features include matter management, workflow automation, intelligent email, calendaring, and task management.

Billing and Payments

Collecting payments and generating invoices eat up huge chunks of billable hours. Our legal billing and payment solutions relieve the burden of manual timesheet management, expense reporting, template creation, tax preparation, and invoicing. Features include robust reporting, accounting software, billing and time-tracking tools, and payment processing.

Automated Workflows

CARET Legal Workflows take care of scheduling, freeing you and your team to focus on what matters most - your clients. Optimize the way your team works. With pre-defined templates, team members can easily kick-off a new matter, ensuring your firm is reminded of all needed events and tasks, and your team provides a consistent experience to clients.

Document Management

Law firm practice management software lets you easily generate, assemble, and pre-fill documents by using templates that automatically pull information from your client and case records. Our legal document solutions are equipped with features like document automation and management, and we offer a range of document integrations to choose from.

Prospect and Contact Management

Our prospect and content management solutions make it easy to identify and cultivate high-value prospects. You can organize leads by source, practice area, and potential revenue, plus generate meaningful metrics to guide your practice. Our CRM integrates seamlessly with our contact, case, and matter management tools.

Client Communications

Foster better client relationships by easily and securely communicating with all your firm’s clients through our client portal. Send and receive messages, get document signatures, and even text message clients directly from within our legal practice management platform.

The CARET Legal practice management platform provides:

Unmatched Data Security

Never doubt that your law firm and client’s data is secure. We use cutting-edge technology to identify, investigate, and prevent potential threats from disrupting your company’s operations.

A Dedicated Mobile App

The CARET Legal mobile app makes it easy for anyone at your firm to access important information on-the-go. Our app is comprehensive; allowing you to handle almost all firm activities right from your phone or tablet.

Access to Integrations

We understand that there may be other applications your firm relies on. Our legal practice management software offers many integrations with popular providers like Google, Microsoft, HotDocs, and more.

Non-negotiable legal practice management software capabilities

Take a moment to think about your firm’s current technologies and the processes that rely on those systems. At a minimum, your legal practice management software should be able to:

Looking for a new legal practice management software?

Switching to a new practice management system can sound like a logistical nightmare. It’s not just choosing a solution; you need to ensure data migration doesn’t disrupt operations, and your staff has access to dedicated training and support. But the costs of not upgrading to an up-to-date, comprehensive solution can be even worse. Learn how to select the best solution for your firm.

Selecting a new practice management system
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Move forward with a new, more holistic solution

End-to-end legal practice management software like CARET Legal provides firms with all the capabilities they need inside a single platform. No more program jumping or incompatible systems — you get a simplified, centralized solution that helps your firm run faster, better, and more efficiently.

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Regional Law Firm Consolidates in the Cloud with CARET Legal

Prior to implementing CARET Legal, the firm was using disparate products which made for a disconnected workflow. With that in mind, they knew things had to change and a decision was made to start the search for a holistic solution. After doing research on a number of providers in the legal practice management space, the team determined CARET Legal to be the best option.

Legal Practice Management Software FAQs

A legal management system is a comprehensive tool designed to manage all aspects of a case – from initial client intake through a cloud-based CRM, to final profit analysis via reporting and analytics. It’s engineered to help law firms save time, maximize billable hours, enhance organization, boost team collaboration, and increase accuracy and efficiency in their operations.

Cloud-based legal practice management software offers unparalleled accessibility for flexible teams, robust security measures, and seamless scalability. It consolidates everything needed to manage your practice into one place, enabling automation that leads to increased productivity, efficiency, and profitability. Plus, it’s a cost-effective solution that simplifies many logistical complications of running a law firm.

A good legal practice management platform includes case and matter management (email, tasks, calendar, contact management), automated workflows, document automation and management, a CRM system, a client portal, a mobile app, and comprehensive billing, accounting, payments, and reporting capabilities. These features are essential for streamlining operations, enhancing client service, and ensuring a practice runs smoothly.

Yes, modern legal practice management systems are built with scalability in mind. They make it easy to add new team members, simplify the onboarding process, and provide a unified overview of case statuses to quickly bring new staff up to speed. Cloud-based solutions, in particular, offer the flexibility and cost-effectiveness needed for scaling operations.

Absolutely. Medium-sized firms can significantly benefit from automation features like workflows, document automation, and timekeeping. These systems facilitate better organization and collaboration within teams and improve client communication through features like texting and client portals. Additionally, they optimize billing and accounting processes, keeping track of client invoices and integrating payment processing to expedite billing cycles.

Choosing the right legal software for your firm involves a few key steps:

  • Evaluate your firm’s specific needs and identify current pain points.
  • Consider a variety of options and perform demos to see how each system works.
  • Look for built-in features crucial for efficient practice management, including comprehensive case management, automated workflows, billing/accounting/payments/reporting capabilities, a client portal, advanced document management, a mobile app, and a CRM system.

Selecting software that aligns with your firm’s unique requirements will ensure that you optimize your operations and provide the best possible service to your clients.

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