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End-to-End Legal Practice Management Software

Leave siloed, standalone software behind and embrace complete, scalable legal practice management software

CARET Legal legal practice management software on multiple devices

Is your law firm just making do?

Before, firms could mostly make do with their legacy tools and processes. But now, outdated systems and makeshift tools — even those purchased in the last 3 to 6 years — are no longer meeting the needs of many firms.

As a result, firms are investing in comprehensive law office management software to gain efficiencies and meet new and increasing demands as they grow.

Take a moment to think about your firm’s current technologies and the processes that rely on those systems. At a minimum, your legal practice management software should be able to:

  • Break down communication silos both internally and externally
  • Collect, organize, and share case/matter information and client documents
  • Help your team avoid missing tasks, appointments, and deadlines with shared calendars
  • Eliminate bottlenecks across document management and internal collaboration
  • Alleviate the difficulties in securely accessing important data on the go/outside of the office
  • Mitigate risks across multiple fronts and enforce compliance best practices
  • Reduce time spent on legal accounting chores and enable automatic payments

All this and more can be easily accomplished inside legal practice management software.



The High Cost of Doing Nothing CARET Legal Whitepaper Cover

What’s preventing your team from working faster and more efficiently?

The news that a seamless, integrated platform empowers staff, teams, and the firm is not new. But did you know that dragging out the inevitable is costing you now?

The high cost of doing nothing

We understand that switching to a new practice management system can sound like a logistical nightmare. It’s not just choosing a solution; you need to ensure data migration doesn’t disrupt operations, and your staff has access to dedicated training and support. But the costs of not upgrading to an up-to-date, comprehensive solution can be even worse.

  • Updating and maintaining older systems will become more expensive than investing in a solution that’s continually updated and supported.
  • Older and disparate applications hinder productivity and efficiency — preventing your staff from instantly accessing documents and communicating and collaborating freely.
  • Legacy systems are at a higher risk of security and cyber attacks, and having multiple outdated technologies makes your firm even more vulnerable.
  • Important client and case information is easily misfiled or misplaced, resulting in missed deadlines.

Download the guide that discusses the high costs of sticking with technology that could be costing you time, money, and peace of mind.

Move forward with a new, more holistic solution

An end-to-end legal practice management software like CARET Legal provides firms with all the hardware and software needed — from client intake and best-in-class document management to sophisticated billing and accounting — inside a single platform. No more program jumping or incompatible systems — you get a simplified, centralized solution that gives you access to all of the following features:

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Manage all your cases and tasks from a single place

Losing, misplacing, and misfiling critical client information is much more likely to happen when you continue to use multiple systems and applications for data and file storage. Our case management solutions tie everything together so your data is accessible from a single place. Case management features include matter management, intelligent email, calendaring, and task management.

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Simplify billing, invoicing, and payment processing

Timesheets don’t lie: collecting payments and generating invoices eat up huge chunks of billable hours. Our billing and payment solutions relieve the burden of manual timesheet management, expense reporting, template creation, tax preparation, and invoicing. With CARET Legal, you get access to all types of reporting, accounting software, billing and time-tracking tools, and payment processing.

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Automate document production and management

Our law firm practice management software is equipped with legal document solutions, including document automation and document management, and we offer a range of document integrations to choose from. With CARET Legal, you can easily generate, assemble, and pre-fill documents by using templates that automatically pull information from your “hub” of client and case records.

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Get better prospect and contact management

With legal CRM capabilities, CARET Legal makes it easy to identify and cultivate high-value prospects, organize leads by source, practice area, and potential revenue, generate meaningful metrics to guide your practice, and more. Plus, our CRM integrates seamlessly with our contact management tools.




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Foster better client relationships

Easily and securely communicated with all your firm’s clients through the client portal. Send and receive messages, get document signatures, and even text message clients directly from CARET Legal.

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