Real Estate Law Software for Attorneys

Get real estate firm software that helps you protect your clients’ interests. From consultation to title research, from property inspections to appraisals, you guide your clients through it all. Whether you represent the buyer or seller, the lessor or lessee, guarantor or lender, your real estate law firm software can double your productivity.

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Real estate practice management software ensures clients’ interests are protected

Real estate cases require meticulous research and information gathering; the accuracy of the documents you draft is paramount. Using a patchwork of different tools each designed for a specific function is not only costly and overly complex, but it’s also ineffective and wastes your precious time.

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Real estate law software should automate your transactional workflows

Many legal practice management systems don’t track property descriptions, escrow details, or incoming title records – they can’t connect the dots. A better real estate law firm software is designed to manage tasks and automate document review and drafting. Thousands of real estate law attorneys go the extra mile for their clients by saving time with a purpose-built real estate practice suite.

Our Real Estate Software Features

Case Management

Case intake screens capture well-organized client information and set in motion workflows for paralegals and support staff to prepare accurate legal forms and precise follow-up events. Case status, chronology, deadline, and alert reports enable you to support each case’s upcoming activities.

Legal Calendaring

Update your schedule and make your case calendar visible to your client and anyone on your team. When unexpected situations make changes inevitable, our legal calendaring makes it easy to alert any impacted parties and proceed accordingly. We also have Google Calendar and Office 365 integrations.

Time & Billing Activities

Get accurate billing as you go, including trust accounting, which is essential to creating accurate invoices. You can streamline your pre-bill review and avoid recreating time entries. Automatically generate professional, templated invoices for any fee arrangement or billing schedule and enable epayments to shorten the collections cycle.

Automated workflows for real estate transactions

Standardize how your real estate transactions get done with the ability to automatically schedule tasks and meetings based on the matter. Ensure the work is handled the same way every time, on time with workflows.

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The All-Inclusive Answer for a Firm That Needs Accessibility

When the pandemic hit, Berdon and the rest of the firm realized it was finally time to replace their existing practice management software, an on-premises solution they’d been relying on to run their accounting and more for decades. They decided to make the switch to CARET Legal, a cloud-based legal practice management tool that gave the firm the accessibility and flexibility it needed to operate in remote times.

Frequently Asked Questions About Real Estate Law Firm Software

Real estate law management software is specifically designed to streamline a real estate attorney’s day-to-day operations. It should include workflow features, such as custom templates that expedite the case intake process, for attorneys handling cases such as property disputes, zoning issues, real estate transactions, landlord-tenant disagreements, and others.

Real estate law software, integrated into a comprehensive legal practice management system, streamlines your firm’s operations from client intake to property transaction closings. This software manages case details, enables remote communication, automates repetitive tasks like drafting contracts, and handles the creation and storage of crucial real estate documents. It promotes team collaboration and provides automated features for time-tracking, invoicing, and accounting, ensuring efficient and accurate financial management.

As a real estate attorney, you’re frequently handling complex cases involving property disputes, transactions, and landlord-tenant issues. CARET Legal’s real estate law software streamlines firm management across various areas, allowing you more time to effectively advocate for your clients dealing with property-related issues.

Yes! While our legal practice management software is perfect for real estate law attorneys, it can also help you manage cases for following practice areas:

  • Civil Litigation
  • Estate Planning
  • Employment Law
  • Family Law
  • Personal Injury
  • Immigration Law
  • Criminal Law
  • Insurance Defense
  • Intellectual Property

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