Anywhere, anytime intelligent email management software for law firms

Streamlining your law firm’s email management is one of the easiest ways to improve efficiency. With CARET Legal, you can create “intelligent” emails that can easily be converted to tasks or calendar events, and tied to a specific case or matter.

Creating an email in CARET Legal
Email module in CARET Legal

It’s all about efficiency

Native legal email management software helps you handle important and confidential correspondence in a smart way. It’s built right into our practice management platform and the two-way sync means any messages sent inside or outside of CARET Legal will show up in both CARET Legal’s email client and your provider’s email platform.

Time is money

Intelligent email can tell when you’re working, and a timer starts automatically as soon as an email is being composed. A time entry is then automatically saved when the email is sent so you can automatically bill for communication time and avoid missing billable hours.

Matter communications in CARET Legal

Law firm email management software that lets you work smarter

Here’s a look at some of the robust functionality that you’ll find with CARET Legal’s intelligent email management system:

“I like that my email automatically captures time. I have always struggled to bill time for my emails and it takes up a significant part of my day, but CARET Legal solved the problem.”

– Verified CARET Legal User on G2

Law firm email management done the right way

Meet client expectations

Your clients demand high-quality service and expect your firm to be productive, attentive and responsive. Legal technology can help.

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Law Firm Email Management FAQs

Law firm email management software integrates native email functionality within a legal practice management system, offering features such as two-way calendar sync, converting emails to tasks and calendar events, and automatic time billing for email-related tasks.

An in-house email management system, like CARET Legal, offers tailored features that enhance the handling of legal-specific communications, such as smart suggestions for matter-related contacts and automatic association of inbound emails with relevant matters.

CARET Legal’s patented Smart Suggest feature helps accurately identify case-related contacts, reducing the risk of misdirected confidential communications.

You can sync your email with CARET Legal using two-way synchronization with Google, Office365, or via IMAP.

Yes, with CARET Legal, you can easily convert emails into tasks or calendar events, enhancing task management and scheduling efficiency.

Yes, all messages are automatically stored in the Communications tab of a matter, accessible to any user with the necessary permissions.

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