Keep track of your clients from prospect to profit

Manage the whole lifecycle of a client from lead to contact with legal client intake software. Automatically track where your leads are coming from as well as how they became a client. Plus, you can keep track of important information related to client cases.
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Track and manage leads with client intake software for law firms

CARET’s cloud-based client intake and CRM software helps you better manage your cases. By automating the legal client intake process, it’s more streamlined – from initial contact all the way through to continued retention.
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CARET Legal contacts

Manage contacts from anywhere

Organize your contacts efficiently and easily access critical information at any time, in any location. Plus, access to a legal contact management system makes it easy to track and follow up with clients.

Client intake software for law firm is the smartest way keep track of both leads and clients

Manage prospects and clients with ease

Case management systems are the cornerstone of better client and prospect management.

Enhance trust with a CRM

Keeping track of critical contact details helps you deliver a more personalized experience that will exceed your clients’ expectations.

“The CRM allows for better management and tracking of leads to see what advertising is paying off and where clients come from. It also allows to know what our conversation rate of inquiries to clients is much faster and better. Allows for follow up with leads that have not contacted us back to see if there is anything we can do to help land them.”

– Kristopher Immel, Roderick Linton Belfance LLP

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