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Legal workflow automation software that is seamlessly embedded into your practice management system to drive efficiency across the firm. CARET Legal Workflows give you and your colleagues an automated way to add tasks and calendar appointments for specific types of matters and track their progress.
CARET Legal workflows
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Imagine your office running smoothly and professionally with easy visibility into all your cases and how they’re being managed. Automated legal workflow capabilities let your team collaborate, align, and coordinate on challenges and progress.

Not only will your staff feel empowered, engaged, and connected to the work that matters most, you will also have ongoing continuity and flow with a single, go-to source of information helping your organization stay structured and organized.

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Customizable for any practice area

Every time a similar situation arises, CARET Legal Workflows can act as your firm’s internal playbook to get complex tasks, discussions, and decisions completed and to the finish line. The possibilities are endless and can be tailored to meet your specific needs and practice area.

CARET Legal Workflows

Learn how you can elevate the operations of your firm.

CARET Legal Workflows by Practice Area

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Estate Planning Firms

Provide best-in-class service to clients with a streamlined approach to managing their estate plan. Automatically create, track, and manage all of your estate planning tasks such as document preparation, client communication, and appointment scheduling. See how estate planning firms can utilize CARET Legal Workflows.
Workflows for family law firms
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Family Law Firms

Imagine your busy work on autopilot. Automatically schedule tasks and calendar events that pertain to preparing documents, meeting with clients, appearing in court, and administrative tasks for cases like divorce petitions, child custody cases, prenuptial agreements, and more. See how family law firms can use CARET Legal Workflows.
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Litigation Firms

Leave missed deadlines and forgotten tasks behind. CARET Legal Workflows allow your firm to schedule tasks and meetings based on the type of civil litigation case. Watch the video to see how easy it is to facilitate upcoming tasks on a deposition. See how litigation firms utilize CARET Legal Workflows.
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Personal Injury Firms

Create a series of automatically scheduled tasks and meetings to uplevel client satisfaction in cases that pertain to car accidents, slip and fall accidents, medical malpractice, product liability, workplace accidents and more. Unleash the full potential of your resources and accelerate progress with organized workflows.
Workflows for real estate firms
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Real Estate Firms

Standardize how your real estate transactions get done with the ability to automatically schedule tasks and meetings based on the matter. Ensure the work is handled the same way every time, on time with workflows. See how real estate firms can utilize CARET Legal Workflows.
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Family Law Firm Accelerates Productivity Within Days of Implementing CARET Legal Workflows

With CARET Legal Workflows, the team at Otto Family Law S.C. was able to easily set up automated steps to kick off and assign tasks to the right team members. The Workflow Templates made it easy for the team to automatically schedule tasks and calendar events in a sequence based on a specific anchor date. This has been instrumental in helping them meet their drop-dead dates and follow-up proactively to ensure nothing gets missed by their deadlines.

Legal Workflow Automation FAQs

Legal workflow automation enhances firm efficiency by automatically scheduling tasks for specific types of matters. It ensures that processes across your practice are uniform, minimizing errors and maintaining consistent quality.

With CARET Legal, you can automate a variety of workflows and customize them for any practice area. Each workflow can automate the scheduling of tasks, calendar events, alerts, and notifications based on case type, which helps streamline processes as your team progresses through matters.

An example of workflow automation occurs when a family law firm processes a dissolution of marriage. The tasks and calendar events related to this type of matter are set up systematically as the case progresses.

No, there is no limit to the number of tasks and calendar events you can add in a CARET Legal workflow template.

Yes, CARET Legal allows you to use pre-defined templates to initiate new matters, ensuring consistent handling of cases across your firm.

Firms should use CARET Legal Workflows to:

  • Automate operations and reclaim time for strategic initiatives
  • Standardize processes to minimize errors and ensure quality
  • Boost overall efficiency and achieve business goals

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