Save time & reduce errors with automated document solutions

Our legal documentation software gives you the tools to seamlessly create, manage, store, and share documents within the firm and do the same securely with clients. Built into our legal practice management platform, our document management and document automation capabilities help make all your document processes smoother and more consistent, with fewer errors and less wasted time.
two attorneys discussing documents within their legal practice management platform

Document automation essentials

We have you covered with document automation software that saves time, reduces errors, and ensures consistency at every level.
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Document management in CARET Legal

Organize and secure your documents

CARET Legal’s native document management system lets you efficiently create, organize, store, and safeguard legal documents associated with each matter.

Management & automation for every kind of firm

In addition to having document management and basic document automation capabilities natively within CARET Legal, we integrate with industry-leading legal document software for firm’s with more complex needs, too.
Document integrations within CARET Legal

Streamline operations with legal document software solutions

Better organize your legal files

Efficient file management is not just crucial—it’s a game changer.

Save time and reduce mistakes

Minimize your margin for error and simplify time-consuming document generation processes.

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