Intellectual Property Management Software for Attorneys

There are hundreds of moving parts with intellectual property prosecution and litigation. CARET Legal was designed to connect every action taken in every case and break down the information silos that result from disparate practice management and accounting systems.

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Intellectual property law software that helps you work smarter not harder

Our intellectual property law software is a complete practice management solution with all the matter-centric tools your front office needs to be more efficient, collaborative and profitable. It also includes all of the billing, accounting and reporting tools your back office needs to process payments, balance the books and make better data-driven decisions.

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A Single Source of Truth for Your IP Firm

Our intellectual property law software includes all the tools needed to take your IP firm to the next level. Get best-in-class case management, intelligent email, task management, document management and automation, customer relationship management, and sophisticated timekeeping. 

It also includes robust billing tools, legal accounting, advanced reporting, business intelligence and data visualization. Plus, get custom permissions for financial data.

Our Intellectual Property Software Features

IP Litigation Calendaring

Rules-based calendaring eliminates manual calculation of deadlines and rule monitoring. CARET Legal’s integration with LawToolBox allows your firm to calculate deadlines based on federal court regulations.* These deadlines are automatically placed on your CARET Legal calendar along with customizable reminders, reducing the risk that a deadline will be missed. *LawToolBox subscription required

Task Management

CARET Legal’s task checklist system allows your intellectual property firm to easily store all of your pre-defined procedures in a single location. This systematic approach ensures that your team is following the correct order of operations, keeping everyone on the same page and up to date on the status of a case.

Document Management

Store client and firm documents in one location for easy retrieval. Using zDrive, members of your team can easily edit matter-related documents; all revisions are saved back to the appropriate matter in CARET Legal — no uploads needed!

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Task Management Keeps Tectonic Law Firm on Track

When Pembrook and Stitt founded Tectonic, they engaged a free trial of CARET Legal and ran operations with it and an integrated payment processor. The partners continued with CARET Legal but replaced the payment processor with CARET’s own integrated payments product. As a startup law firm, Tectonic brought little data to CARET but plenty of practical experience. All at once, CARET Legal gave Tectonic a fresh and refreshing start.

Frequently Asked Questions About IP Law Firm Software

Intellectual property law software is specifically designed to streamline the operations of your IP firm. It should include automated workflow features, such as custom templates that expedite the case intake process, for attorneys handling cases such as patent infringements, trademark disputes, copyright issues, trade secret violations, and others.

Intellectual property law software, integrated into a comprehensive legal practice management system, streamlines your firm’s operations from client intake to resolution of disputes. IP law firm software manages case details, enables remote communication, automates repetitive tasks like drafting patent applications, and handles the creation and storage of crucial intellectual property documents. It promotes team collaboration and provides automated features for time-tracking, invoicing, and accounting, ensuring efficient and accurate financial management.

As an intellectual property attorney, you’re frequently handling complex cases involving patent infringements, trademark disputes, copyright issues, and trade secret violations. CARET Legal’s intellectual property law software streamlines firm management across various areas, allowing you more time to effectively advocate for your clients dealing with IP-related issues.

Yes! While our legal practice management software is perfect for intellectual property law attorneys, it can also help you manage cases for following practice areas:

  • Civil Litigation
  • Estate Planning
  • Employment Law
  • Family Law
  • Personal Injury
  • Immigration Law
  • Criminal Law
  • Insurance Defense
  • Real Estate Law

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