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Everyone loves a to-do list, especially when it’s tailor-made. Tasks are an essential part of your day-to-day and with our legal task management software, you can track and delegate work while keeping everyone aligned. Increase consistency, accountability, organization and efficiency for everyone at your firm. 

Task management interface in CARET Legal

Task prioritization means real peace of mind

Legal task management software lets you sort tasks based on urgency and importance, and delegate and assign tasks to various team members so nothing falls through the cracks. Tasks are visible to everyone – keeping everyone accountable. You can also schedule tasks and set reminders for deadlines to ensure that critical tasks are not overlooked and deadlines are met. 

Creating a task in CARET Legal
Task templates in CARET Legal

Automatically tie time tracking to tasks

Our legal task management system lets you easily track the amount of time spent on each task and associates it with a client case/matter. Task-based time tracking can also provide insights into how time is spent, enabling lawyers to manage their time more efficiently.

Create and filter and sort, oh my

CARET Legal’s task feature lets you keep track of your to-do list and other peoples’ too. Here’s a look at some of the robust functionality that you’ll find with our legal CARET Legal’s task management system:

“To create a task list that will notify you when a task is overdue or completed is extremely helpful when dealing with a lot of deadlines.”

– Kimberly Weathers, Law Office of Beth McDaniel

Get more done with legal task management software

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Which tasks should your firm automate first?

Automation systems can be leveraged to offload some of your firm’s time-intensive tasks and increase organizational excellence.

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