Task management interface in CARET Legal

Organization means real peace of mind

When everyone is on the same page, everyone stays on track. Our legal task management system reduces the margin of error and streamlines processes, so you save time and money.

Creating a task in CARET Legal

Delegating keeps everyone accountable

Our legal task management system lets you assign tasks to various team members so nothing falls through the cracks. Tasks are visible to everyone – keeping everyone accountable.

Task templates in CARET Legal

Create and filter and sort, oh my

Tasks let you keep track of your to-do list, and other peoples’ too. Here’s a look at some of the robust functionality that you’ll find with CARET Legal’s task management system:

Use Task Templates to easily store all of your pre-defined procedures in a single location

Sort, filter and create subtasks

Create alerts when tasks are completed or overdue

Create reminders for when tasks are due

Tag, comment, color-code and prioritize as needed

Mark tasks as recurring

Assign tasks to specific matters

Attach documents to tasks

“To create a task list that will notify you when a task is overdue or completed is extremely helpful when dealing with a lot of deadlines.”

– Kimberly Weathers, Law Office of Beth McDaniel

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