Correspond with clarity through our client communication platform

Effective communication is essential for providing exceptional client service and achieving successful outcomes. Our legal client communication software is packed with secure tools to reach these outcomes. This includes a client portal, two-way texting capabilities, native mobile applications, and more.
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All-in-one client portal

The CARET Legal client portal is our secure and collaborative client communication platform. Share important documents and invoices with your clients in a secure environment, while simplifying the payment process with our integrated payment processing system.

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Ping clients from within the platform

Effortlessly communicate with clients with integrated two-way SMS messaging built right into the CARET Legal practice management platform.
Learn how to protect client communication from potential cyber threats with secure collaboration software for law firms
How to lock down client communication

Client communication done right

Meet client expectations

Your clients demand high-quality service and expect your firm to be productive, attentive and responsive. Legal technology can help.

Improve client engagement

Client portal and client texting options streamline communications and boost customer satisfaction.

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The All-Inclusive Answer for a Firm That Needs Accessibility

When the pandemic hit, Berdon and the rest of the firm realized it was finally time to replace their existing practice management software, an on-premises solution they’d been relying on to run their accounting and more for decades. They decided to make the switch to CARET Legal, a cloud-based legal practice management tool that gave the firm the accessibility and flexibility it needed to operate in remote times.

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