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What’s New with CARET Legal?

While we’re often celebrated as the “most robust” cloud-based practice management solution, we refuse to rest on our laurels. Every year, we make hundreds of updates and enhancements to CARET Legal (804 in 2022, to be exact). While our platform evolves, our goal remains the same: To empower your firm to be more efficient and profitable with a single source of truth across everything you do.


Custom reporting

  • Request detailed reports that you'd like the CARET Legal team to build for you and your team

Closing periods

  • Our closing periods feature enables firms to restrict users from altering financial transactions after the accounting period is closed

Time entry rules

  • Allows users to enforce compliance at the point of time entry to reduce rejected invoices
  • Customize and create multiple rules for different clients, matters or activities

HotDocs integration

  • Users can integrate with HotDocs by CARET for a seamless document automation experience
  • This integration can simplify and speed up the drafting process, allowing attorneys to generate documents in a fraction of the time by answering a few simple questions

Client texting advanced searching

  • Zola’s new client text advanced search allows you to filter, and search, all open text conversations to quickly and accurately locate the conversation you want to engage in

Batch applying operating retainers

  • Zola users can now apply available Operating retainer funds to open Accounts Receivable in batches

Updates to invoice templates

  • Users can now display certain invoice fields exclusively on expenses, to hide rates or totals on fees, but keep them visible on costs

Customizable field on Statement of Accounts

  • The Attorney field can now be customized on the Statement of Accounts

Ability to un-sync email accounts

  • Users can now turn off email syncing with CARET Legal

Client texting enhancements

  • Enhancements include improved search functionality and expanded views in the conversation list

Client texting

  • Users can now communicate with clients via text within the CARET Legal platform

Batch check printing

  • Office staff now have precise control to select the specific checks they want to print, download them into a bulk PDF file, and send them off to the printer with just a few clicks

APX payment portal enhancements

  • View an increased number of unpaid client invoices with these portal enhancements

Contact cloning

  • Easily duplicate contacts with similar information to save time during data entry

APX Disbursement Report

  • Firms can now access a report that provides a combination of payment information from both CARET Legal and APX online credit card and ACH processing


  • Accounts can be sub-divided for detailed reporting and easier reconciliation

New filters added to the time list

  • Users can now filter the time list by originating attorney

Filters and export option added to the payment tab

  • Within the matter dashboard, the payments tab now offers filters and export options

APX integraton

  • Accept credit card, ACH and e-check payments
  • Save credit card information to Caseway portal for recurring payments

APX integration - beta

  • CARET Legal will soon integrate with APX, AbacusNext's integrated payment processing system

HotDocs integration - beta

  • HotDocs beta testing is well underway with an expected launch in early Q2

1099 NEC 3-Up export

  • Users can generate 1099s filings in the new NEC 3-Up format

Closing entry option on journal entries

  • Firms can mark journal entries as closing entries, allowing them to close their books while still able to report on the transactions that took place in the fiscal year

New CARET Legal support hours

  • The CARET Legal Support team extended their hours to Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 9 PM ET

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