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Immigration Law Software for Attorneys

Immigration software for attorneys navigation the complex challenges of resettlement

Your client’s cases are complicated, time-sensitive, and often involve deeply personal legal issues. As their advocate, you need the right tools to help you focus on your clients and stay abreast of ever-changing regulations and policies. That’s where CARET Legal’s immigration law software can make a huge impact. 

Immigration lawyer

You are helping clients achieve their American Dream

Your cases require vast amounts of attention and commitment to navigate the U.S. immigration system. Even a modest mistake in a visa, status adjustment, or green card application can lead to long delays, outright denials, and/or even deportation. So, using a patchwork of incomplete tools is not only ineffective; it creates risk for your clients and wastes your precious time. What you need instead is end-to-end immigration law software.


Review Quote

Keeps me organized in my work and on top of my business

The biggest reason I changed to CARET Legal from Clio (in 2019) was the visual organization of the dashboard. It is so easy for me to see at a glance what I need to do each day; how close I am to my daily, weekly, and monthly earnings targets (which is very good at driving me toward higher-earning work); how much money I have in receivables at any one time (which helps me with my financial planning when I have large clients who pay invoices 90 days out); and, on a broader level; what the clientele of my law practice is from day to day and how it evolves.

Briana C.
Founding Attorney

Immigration law software tailored to support you as you support clients

Your goal is to solve problems — navigating clients through the complex maze of decisions and applications to obtain their dreams. CARET Legal’s immigration case management software is tailored to your approach – freeing your time for personalized attention and representation. It makes it easy to stay on top of managing your practice and the myriad of immigration updates, legislative changes, and shifting government policies.


CARET Legal matter management

Client Intake & Case Management

Case intake screens capture well-organized client information and set in motion workflows with accurately prepared forms and precise follow-up events. Our immigration case management software includes case status, chronology, deadline, and alert reports that enable you to support each case’s upcoming activities.

CARET Legal calendaring

Legal Calendaring

Update your schedule and make your calendar visible to anyone that needs it, including your client. When unexpected situations make changes inevitable, immigration tracking software makes it easy to alert any impacted parties and proceed accordingly. The Google Calendar and Office 365 integrations put powerful organizational tools at your fingertips, enabling efficient client communications.

New time entry in CARET Legal

Time & Billing Activities

Intuitive and accurate time and activity tracking. Automatically generate professional, templated invoices that are calculated automatically to please any loyal client.

Our immigration software for attorneys also makes common activities a cinch, by supporting easy to use:

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Matter & Case Management

Immigration case management software for attorneys keeps each client’s profile, employment, family, and residence history organized, current, and consolidated in a single case file.

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Task & Process Automation

Use firm process automation to reduce the time and errors often associated with collecting travel, status, and family records, while tracking consequential filing deadlines and delivering helpful reminders and alerts.

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Document Automation

Through document automation, firms can automatically generate letters to parties, forms to USCIS, DOHS, and other agencies without ever retyping the same information.

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Payment Processing

Accurately capture filing fees, courier charges, application costs, and other expenses on each file — ready to generate an invoice and accept online payments the moment you are ready.

Immigration Law Software FAQs

1. What is immigration law software?

Immigration law software, like CARET Legal’s immigration law software, helps immigration attorneys manage their firm. It should include specific features, like custom forms and templates for cases dealing with employer compliance with immigration laws for their employees, and for individuals and/or families seeking citizenship.

2. What does immigration law software do?

Immigration law software provides a single source of truth for immigration attorneys who are managing a variety of cases for corporations, individuals, and families. It’s capable of running almost every aspect of your firm, including but not limited to: case and client management, court procedure and deadline tracking, remote work enablement, repetitive task automation, internal and external communication, team collaboration, reporting, time and billing logistics, and accounting.

3. Why is immigration law software important?

As an immigration attorney, you’re often dealing with clients looking for ways to legally stay in the country, bring family members into the U.S., continue working, and confirm citizenship/lottery eligibility. CARET Legal’s immigration law software simplifies how you manage your firm, giving you back the time you need to support your clients during this arduous process. 

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