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How CARET Legal Embraces AI in Our Tech Stack

Join us for a live webinar session where we will discuss how AI can enhance the legal technology industry, and get a live demo of our newest AI feature: Quick Summary! 

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CARET Legal in 20 Minutes

From best-in-class case management tools to complete billing, accounting, payments and reporting, CARET Legal is a robust platform that helps to streamline your firm's front and back-office operations. In this session, our Director of Training shares our core features and how they work together to provide firms with a single source of truth.

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Empower Your Estate Planning Practice with CARET Legal

Clients solicit your advice and expertise to protect their wealth, avoid ambiguity, assure their wishes, and avoid contests in court. Tracking these details with a patchwork of generic tools not only wastes time — it’s costing you.

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Invoice Customization Within CARET Legal

Successful branding is important for any law firm to make sure they stand out from their competitors, and build trust and loyalty with their customers and potential customers. All touchpoints with your clients should be consistent with your firm’s branding, including your firm’s invoices. In this session, our Senior Training Specialist will show you just how easy it is to customize your invoices within CARET Legal.

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Tips and Tricks for Your First 90 Days

Moving to a new practice management platform requires patience and the first few months in a new system can be daunting. Join our Senior Training Specialist to learn tips and tricks that will make sure you have the best experience possible at the beginning of your journey with CARET Legal.

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The Power of Document Automation + Practice Management

At CARET Legal, we understand that efficiency is key, which is why our platform is always improving to meet the needs of all our busy clients. HotDocs by CARET, a powerful document automation tool that is now offered with CARET Legal’s Enterprise Advance plan, is an essential tool for larger and more complex firms providing greater flexibility, control and accuracy. 

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Staying in Control of Your Practice on the Go

As a complete cloud-based solution, CARET Legal allows you to access your firm’s data from any device with internet access. In this session, our Senior Training Specialist will share a detailed look at CARET Legal’s dedicated mobile apps.

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Document Management in CARET Legal

The efficient organization and management of documents is paramount to a legal team’s success which is why CARET Legal has spent years developing a native comprehensive Document Management system – no integrations required! During this webinar, our Director of Training will show you how to leverage CARET Legal’s document management tools for more efficient collaboration with clients and colleagues alike.

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Reports for Tax Season and More

CARET Legal’s Director of Training and Implementation will walk you through the various accounting reports that will aid during tax season. Some of the reports featured will include 1099s, Profit & Loss Statements, and Write-Off reporting.

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Better Billing Workflows with Pre-Billing

Pre-billing is often a dreaded task going into your billing cycle. With CARET Legal, it no longer has to be. Our Director of Training, Amy Reynolds, will walk you through tips and tricks to cut down the time you spend generating and editing pre-bills so you can focus on billable work and getting paid.

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Delivering More Value to Clients with a Secure Portal

Now more than ever before, clients are demanding greater accessibility and security of their data and documents. Client portals help to deliver on both of these requirements, allowing firms to securely share files and invoices with matter-related contacts.

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Introducing Enterprise Advance

We are thrilled to introduce our new subscription tier, Enterprise Advance, designed to cater to the unique needs of larger and more complex legal firms. This offering includes all of the industry-leading features of CARET Legal and harnesses the power of HotDocs by CARET to provide a seamless document automation experience.

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