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Missed deadlines are the number one cause of malpractice claims against attorneys, but legal calendaring software makes that a non-issue. With CARET Legal, you can keep everything and everyone at the firm on the same page, stay on top of all meetings, and track everything —  increasing efficiency and organization, while saving time and money.

Calendar in CARET Legal

Never miss an important deadline

Our legal calendaring system lets users schedule appointments and court dates, check deadlines, and easily share availability whether they’re in the office or on the go. Reminders and alerts can also be set for various events to ensure that nothing slips through the cracks and that time is managed effectively.

Calendar events in CARET Legal
Calendar rules in CARET Legal

Automate appointment setting

When you’re calculating deadlines manually it’s no surprise that mistakes happen. By using rules-based calendaring through an integration with LawToolBox, CARET Legal’s law firm calendar software can automatically calculate appointment dates based on court rules. This can be a huge time saver and reduces the risk of errors in manual date calculations.

Definitely not your average calendar

Our legal calendaring software helps you keep track of all of your important deadlines, court dates and meetings. Here’s a look at some of the robust functionality that you’ll find with CARET Legal’s case-centered system:

“The calendar sync feature is great. I love that the calendar lets you color categorize events, and even view the calendar based on certain events, and that there’s an option to add in calendar rules to automate deadlines and follow-ups. This is honestly the best layout of a calendar I’ve seen!”

– Miranda Mattia, Goldberg, Miller & Rubin, P.C.

Case-centric legal calendaring software

The trick for missing fewer court deadlines

By optimizing your legal calendaring with a rules-based calendaring system, you can automatically schedule court deadlines and secure peace of mind.

What gets scheduled gets done

Learn how legal calendar technology can help your firm outpace the competition.

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