Admin dashboard in CARET Legal

Leverage the strength of flexible reporting

Our user-friendly interface and pre-built reports make it easier for your team to maximize productivity. Auto-send reports save time and ensure your office is up-to-date and aligned. With options for cash or accrual basis as well as customization options, our reporting system is tailored to meet the specific needs of your firm.

CARET Legal reports

Make data-driven decisions

Identify blind spots, outliers, and opportunities in your practice to drive growth and expansion through productivity, compensation, and profitability reporting.

CARET Legal profit and loss report

Track in real-time

Gain real-time visibility across your entire organization.

Track your firm’s performance

Anticipate issues proactively

Manage trust accounts accurately

Generate required financial statements

Organize and align your teams

Advanced compensation reports show clear financial insights such as billed, collected, responsible, and originating reports.

Advanced compensation reports show billed, collect

Advanced reporting includes financial statements,

Deliver fast answers to your stakeholders

View financial statements, WIP, and timekeeper productivity

Communicate quickly with stakeholders

Share essential details with your clients

Bill every hour with accuracy

Forecast your financial future

Accurately forecast your firm’s growth with advanced reports that show clear data-driven financial insights.

Secure your data

Secure sensitive client and financial data against unauthorized access.

Cut costs around the clock

Identify cost-saving opportunities by monitoring and ensuring accurate billing hours.

“CARET Legal consolidates accounting and reporting tools, along with bookkeeping features, all in a one place. The platform helps me keep track of critical information and provides valuable insights and key performance indicators that help me manage most effectively.”

– Hannah Stitt, Tectonic, LLP

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