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CARET Analytics. Delivering Metrics that Matter.

We cut through the data clutter to provide a clear picture of key insights to keep your firm running smoothly.

CARET Analytics dashboard

Identify revenue opportunities

CARET Analytics delivers real-time insights and actionable intelligence through intuitive, configurable dashboards. See which practice areas and clients generate the most income, allowing you to strategically distribute resources and prioritize high-value cases.

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Billed and Collected

Operate with predictability

Unlock the power of visual insights and let CARET Analytics do the heavy lifting to effortlessly monitor billed and collected data while analyzing pre-bill amounts, ensuring healthy cashflow. Your data experience is upgraded to help you forecast future revenue and optimize your budget process for long-term success.

Accelerate cashflow

Real-time data visualizations provide a clear picture of your firm’s performance. See aging accounts receivable and accounts payable along with client payment trends to prioritize collections and target slow-paying clients with effective strategies.

Days to Payment (By Type)
Timekeeper Productivity

Improve resource allocation

Gain a comprehensive view of your firm’s financial health instantly to spot trends, make informed decisions, and focus on what matters most. Understand which attorneys and staff are most effective in different practice areas, allowing for optimal case assignment and resource utilization.

See your data, your way

Effortlessly craft the perfect view of your firm’s performance with powerful visualizations that tell your firm’s story at a glance. No coding required, you can merely drag and drop with ease to build custom dashboards and reports instantly.

CARET Analytics dashboard
reports in CARET Legal

Do more with less

Say goodbye to manual, time consuming processes and second guessing your data. Eliminate tedious tasks with firm data automatically transformed into clear, concise reports in a format that everyone understands, from associates to leadership.

Experience data driven productivity

Focus on strategy, not spreadsheets. CARET Analytics goes beyond just numbers to unlock the power of your data and free up valuable time for analysis and action. It empowers you to make smarter decisions, optimize operations, and drive profitability.

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*Source: G2 2023 grid report

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