bulk billing center in CARET Legal

Eliminate manual rate management

Rate cards mean you can easily assign custom user rates to any matter, eliminating the need for manual rate management. You can also apply set discounts to user rates or create preferred rate cards, making the process even more efficient.

rate cards in CARET Legal

Bill for every minute

With automatic timers for case-related emails and phone calls, you can easily convert tasks and activities to time entries to capture and bill for every minute of work. And with the ability to remotely track time with both iOS and Android devices, you’ll have the flexibility and accuracy you need to stay on top of your workload, no matter where you are.

CARET Legal time entries

Drive compliance with less oversight

With CARET Legal’s time entry rules, you can decrease the chances of invoice rejection by enabling users to enforce compliance.

Block specific words and phrases to improve time entry accuracy and consistency

Restrict billing for certain activities to enforce company guidelines

Ensure only valid and billable activities are entered, promoting transparency and accountability

Eliminate irrelevant or incorrect entries to enhance data quality and reporting

Invoicing made easy

Consolidated & Bulk Billing allows you to generate consolidated invoices for clients with multiple matters in a billing cycle.

Effortlessly bill clients with bulk invoices in just four clicks

Send personalized invoices

Offer direct payment through invoices with our PayNow feature

Include balances for all matters and clients

Customize your billing workflow

Utilize optional pre-billing and draft invoice features for optimal workflow.

Easily manage vendor bills with our AP features

Batch print check capability makes vendor payments that much easier

Split billing means fewer headaches

Bill multiple clients on a single matter with unique rates for each client and split percentages for fees and costs

“CARET Legal has transformed the way I capture and bill for my time. It can automatically generate time entries for calendared events, emails, or phone calls, and also set multiple timers on open projects, making multitasking easier than ever. The ability to capture time alone in this way makes the program pay for itself.”

– Steven Gruenberg, Attorney at Law

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