Built-in legal accounting software

Increase law firm efficiency with built-in legal accounting software. Native features include powerful capabilities like matter-centric billing, automated compliance measures, and legal trust accounting.

CARET Legal invoices and payments

Automatically enforce legal billing and accounting best practices

Using purposely-designed legal accounting software gives you access to powerful capabilities missing from generic solutions. Automatically improve compliance with features and permissions that safeguard against retroactive changes to closed accounting periods. Quickly gain accurate insight into different billing cycles, and easily prepare end-of-year statements. Align firm accounting processes and workflows to raise intra-firm standards and protect your books while saving time.

CARET Legal vendors and bills
CARET Legal evergreen retainers

Manage Retainer and Trust Account Funds

Most generic accounting solutions for law firms don’t make it easy to manage both retainer and trust account reporting. With CARET Legal, you can easily keep books accurate with specific capabilities like: 

  • 3-way reconciliation reporting on trust accounts
  • the ability to batch apply trust fund
  • the ability to draw checks from trust accounts vs. operating accounts
  • better visibility into matter-based ledger balances for risk mitigation

For retainer billing, your firm can easily stay in the know with notifications, like for when retainers fall below designated balances.

Accuracy matters

Trust Account Compliance

Gain visibility

Get account summaries that include subledger detail for each matter

“The full-featured accounting, which allowed us to ditch Quickbooks, is why our firm chose CARET Legal. We handle a lot of criminal defense with clients on payments plans, so having integrated accounting allows us to see our updated trust account balances in real time, which is a godsend when handling those types of cases.”

– Matthew Terry, Miller and Terry, Attorneys at Law

Improve efficiency with legal accounting software

Are you regularly reviewing and adjusting your billing rates?

Employing different billing models can accommodate your clients’ needs and optimize revenue generation.

Are you taking advantage of embedded finance?

Get details on how to free up your lawyers and staff from doing mundane finance tasks.

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