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Task Management

The easiest way to track work at your firm while enforcing consistency and accountability.


Using Task Templates, you can easily store all of your pre-defined procedures in a single location. CARET Legal’ s Task Template system also allows you to tag, sort, filter, and create subtasks. By streamlining your processes, you save time, money and reduce the margin of error. You will have peace of mind knowing that all of your team is on the same page, following each step according to plan. Utilizing automated tasks also simplifies the learning curve for new hires as they have a go-to manual to guide them through your unique processes.


Here at CARET Legal, we are committed to helping you operate your practice more efficiently so that you can focus on the heavy lifting. When you think about it, your law firm has procedures for everything from client intake to the discovery process. Even your personnel recruitment has a certain number of steps that must be taken for successful completion. At CARET Legal, we help you define these procedures and delegate them efficiently with our Task Template system.

Task overview feature in CARET Legal


Tasks can be assigned to various members of your team. Once a Task Template is created, that team member will be responsible for those steps.

  • With each assignment, you can generate a corresponding deadline so everything will be delivered on schedule.
  • Members of your team will receive notifications with each assigned task to keep track of their ongoing and completed tasks.
  • The system enforces accountability by logging all user activity and performance and letting you know if assigned tasks are not completed by the required date.
  • No more sleepless nights wondering if anything has fallen through the cracks.
CARET Legal task management

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