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Email Encryption, E-Signatures and Court-Admissible Proof of Delivery

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Next Generation Email Features for Your Critical Communications

RMail feature in CARET Legal

Introducing CARET Legal’s exclusive RPost integration

CARET Legal users know that our email client is a game changer with unsurpassed features that streamline timekeeping, organization and delegation, but sometimes, conventional email just isn’t sufficient. When you have high stakes email, email that has significant consequences if the recipient were to deny receipt, dispute content, or inadvertently expose its confidential information, you need extra protection. This is where the CARET Legal/RPost* integration comes into play.

With the click of a button, CARET Legal subscribers can now:

  • Send encrypted emails
  • Access court-admissible proof of delivery, time and email contents with RPost’s patented Registered Email™ technology
  • Obtain e-signatures on legal documents
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any recipient

RPost works with any existing email address and sends to any recipient, without the need for extra software or downloads.

You will have added peace of mind that your most critical communications are secure and will be filed with the associated matter for future access. This integration truly redefines legal email.

*One-time RPost registration required to activate services. CARET Legal subscribers receive 5 complimentary RPost messages per month.

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