Adding Legal Consulting to Firm Services Is a No-Brainer

By providing guidance on an ongoing basis, your firm can become a trusted partner to its clients, strengthening client loyalty.

As law firm owners, diversifying services and enhancing profitability are top priorities. One avenue to explore is legal consulting, a dynamic and multifaceted field with untapped potential for law firms of all sizes.

What is a Legal Consultant?

Legal consultants are professionals who advise businesses and individuals on a spectrum of legal matters. Unlike traditional attorneys, they don’t represent clients in court but offer guidance on navigating the legal system, ensuring compliance with laws and regulations, and mitigating legal risks.

Legal consulting encompasses various areas, such as corporate law, intellectual property law, employment law, and real estate law. It can also delve into specialized niches like environmental law, health law, or international law.

Advantages of Legal Consulting

Adding legal consulting to your firm’s services opens up multiple avenues for growth and development.

Revenue Generation 

Legal consulting can be a robust source of income. Companies and individuals often seek expert advice to navigate complex legal issues and avoid costly mistakes. By providing legal consulting, your firm can capitalize on this demand and generate additional revenue.


Offering legal consulting services can set your firm apart from the competition. A broader range of services can attract a more diverse client base.

Client Relationships

Legal consulting fosters deeper client relationships. By providing guidance on an ongoing basis, your firm can become a trusted partner to its clients, strengthening client loyalty.


Legal consulting can provide a more predictable income stream. Unlike the uncertainties of litigation, consulting work is often more steady and can be scheduled more conveniently.

The Journey to Becoming a Legal Consultant

Transitioning into the realm of legal consulting demands strategic planning and thoughtful execution. The process, while requiring effort and resources, paves the way for a new avenue of professional growth and client service.

The first milestone on this journey is identifying the areas of expertise within your firm. These are areas where your firm already shines in practice, or where your attorneys have personal interest or experience. The goal is to recognize where your firm can provide valuable, expert advice as legal consultants.

Following the identification process, the next step is crafting a well-structured business plan for your burgeoning legal consultancy. This blueprint should include a clear definition of your target market, identifying who will benefit the most from your consulting services. It should also lay out your pricing strategy, balancing competitiveness and profitability. Finally, your plan should incorporate a solid marketing and sales strategy to effectively broadcast your new services.

Training and development form a crucial pillar in this transition. Ensuring that your attorneys have the necessary skills and knowledge to dispense high-quality consulting services is paramount. This could involve attending industry-specific conferences, enrolling in targeted online courses, or engaging an experienced mentor to guide your team.

When adding legal consulting to your firm’s services, the increased workload necessitates efficient management. This is where law firm management software comes into play.

The final step in this journey is marketing your new legal consultancy services. Implementing your strategic plan here is key. Updating your firm’s website to reflect your new services, creating engaging and informative marketing materials, and leveraging social media and other online platforms are all effective ways to draw clients to your new consultancy.

While the journey may seem daunting, it’s an exciting opportunity for growth and diversification. With meticulous planning, strategic implementation, and a steadfast commitment to excellence, your firm is well-equipped to embark on the path to becoming a legal consultant.

Your Key to Efficiency

When adding legal consulting to your firm’s services, the increased workload necessitates efficient management. This is where law firm management software comes into play, serving as a game-changer for law firms. Law firm management software is designed to automate routine tasks, streamline workflows, and improve service delivery, making it an invaluable tool for managing the complexities of legal consulting.

Managing Client Relationships

Law firm management software offers robust customer relationship management (CRM) features. It allows you to keep track of all client interactions, ensuring that nothing falls through the cracks. You can schedule appointments, set reminders for follow-ups, and automate communication with clients.

CRM in CARET Legal

Track and manage prospective clients from initial contact to client

Tracking Time and Billing

By automating time tracking, you can accurately track billable hours and expenses and reduce errors caused by manual errors ensuring accurate invoicing. You can also generate invoices directly from the software, saving time and improving efficiency.

Organizing Documents and Files 

Cloud-based storage serves as a central repository for all your documents and files. It allows you to store, organize, and retrieve documents with ease. You can also control access to sensitive information, ensuring data security.

Insights and Analytics

Data-driven approaches can help you make strategic decisions and drive your firm’s growth.

CARET Legal provides valuable insights and analytics to inform your business decisions. You can track your firm’s performance, identify trends, and gain insights into your clients’ behaviors. 

Take the Leap

Incorporating legal consulting into your firm’s services is a strategic move with numerous benefits. It presents opportunities for revenue generation, differentiation, deepening client relationships, and income stability. Becoming a legal consultant requires careful planning, training, and effective use of technology. However, the potential rewards make it a worthwhile investment.

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