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opening up a check from the mail
Billing, Payments & Accounting

The Risks of Mailing Checks: Ensuring Safety and Convenience in Payments

With the rise of digital payment options, traditional methods like mailing checks have become less secure and more susceptible to theft. Recent statistics from the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) indicate an alarming increase in mail theft and robberies targeting mail carriers. As a result, it is important for consumers and

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person working on a secure legal practice management mobile application
Matter Management

Meeting Legal Clients’ Digital Security Expectations

When news breaks about businesses being hacked, it usually focuses on big social media or technology companies like Facebook or Microsoft. However, experts say cyber criminals also consider government agencies, financial institutions and law firms to be high-value targets. In fact, the American Bar Association reports that one-third of law

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a legal team effectively adopting new technology
Matter Management

How to Effectively Adopt New Technology in Your Law Firm

If your law firm’s current technology solution isn’t working, it’s time to consider an end-to-end solution that will cater to all your business needs. When your firm has decided to incorporate new legal technology into its practice, you must apply a comprehensive onboarding and training process to help ensure buy-in,

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Matter Management

Meeting Legal Client Expectations Regarding Technology

Today’s legal clients demand high-quality service from their attorneys, particularly regarding technology. Using the latest legal technology typically makes an attorney more efficient, accurate and productive, resulting in happier clients and more time to do what they are trained to do: practice law.

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Castle that represents security
Law Firm Operations

Cybersecurity Mesh Defeats a Siege Mentality

A siege mentality has long pervaded attempts to secure IT networks, encrypt data, and control access to a law firm’s sensitive information. That thinking tracked along medieval concepts of securing a fortress using thicker walls, stronger gates, and deeper moats. If you remained inside the walls, then you were protected,

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