The WOW Factor: Firms Share Their Most-Loved Features in CARET Legal

CARET Legal ranks #1 in the high performer category on customer satisfaction in the G2 Report on Legal Practice Management software. The honor is huge, as G2 is the leading software peer review site, and the rankings are based on the reactions and feedback from the people who matter most: experienced attorneys and law firm teams.

At CARET Legal, we work toward WOW every day. According to Chron business news, the “WOW” factor describes what a company does to go above and beyond customer expectations in delivering a great product and service experience. Creating that experience requires us to understand how law firms operate, and what concerns they face. We make an effort every day to be accessible and available to assist customers, and in every interaction, we really listen to their needs, challenges and concerns.

So, it’s not one particular thing that earned CARET Legal the top spot. Our high performer rating reflects our mission to bring the power of a 360-degree, integrated practice management system to law firms, freeing them from wrestling with excessive complexity and enabling them to be more efficient, agile and profitable. Every feature in CARET Legal is backed by ideas, requests and suggestions sparked by our clients, quoted in G2 reviews:

“Usually when we have issues or our office has ideas to help improve CARET Legal we usually end up seeing our requests being pushed on the next updates.” 

“I have sent a few recommendations and the updates seem to address several suggestions.” 

WOW Features Exceed Expectations

Law firms and their clients, like the rest of us, increasingly expect easy online communications, self-help, and user-friendly, intuitive software. Below we offer just a few of the many WOW features, along with comments from users who shared what they love about CARET Legal in G2 user reviews on legal practice management.

Modern Interface

From initial client onboarding to final billing, every feature works seamlessly within CARET Legal with a clean, consistent interface. All the information you need is at your fingertips.

“I like that it has calendar, contacts, matters, documents, tasks, time/expense billing, email, CRM, & an ‘at a glance’ dashboard – many things we need, all in one program. The document assembly is quite simple/user-friendly, & the fields can be adjusted to suit your business’s needs.”

“CARET Legal has an up-to-date interface that looks ‘modern’ if you will, while it seemed like most others were stuck in the past. We pride our firm on being up to date with technology and being able to navigate the software without antiquated menu after menu is a must. I really do enjoy the layout and feature set provided, it’s the same as any other offering but they extend this on its simplicity. 

View the CARET Legal Matter Management Dashboard

Email Client

CARET Legal automatically detects and associates inbound emails from matter-related contacts. Save an email to a matter in a single click. CARET Legal supports native email client real-time sync with Microsoft 365, Exchange, Google G Suite and IMAP. Users love the fast, smart workflow:

“I love the email integration – it allows you to review emails from your team to ensure that they’re not going off the rails. Clio, to the best of my knowledge, does not have a feature that allows you to save your email.”

See the time-saving features in CARET Legal Intelligent Email Management

Business & Legal Accounting

Time capture, bulk billing, rate card management, budgeting, trust accounting – CARET Legal includes a complete matter-centric business accounting system that’s easy to use.

“I love that the accounting is built in! I love the template builders and the ease of building them to make repeat documents. Building intake forms is great and getting them back in my matter is so nice. Also love the reports.”

“It is also incredibly easy to create, send, and manage invoices, track client trust funds, and set up flat-fee packages. I am pretty tech-phobic and found CARET Legal very easy to master.” 

Bulk Billing

Save hours of time and manage billing more efficiently. With CARET Legal you can bulk email blast or bulk print invoices and statements of account.

“…Able to bill after every action taken on a client file and prompted to do it. I have been capturing more billable time due to this software.”


One reviewer loved invoicing and APX automated payments in CARET Legal so much that they decided to declare in all caps: “LOVE THE INVOICE AND PAYMENTS – EASY TO TRACK ALL PAYMENTS.”

Mobile App

Firms and their clients are increasingly working remote and on the go. CARET Legal offers native iOS and Android apps that take advantage of the latest in mobile technology, including Apple Touch ID and Android fingerprint recognition.

“The software is available on my cell phone and I have every file accessible on my phone. I do not need a paper file any longer. The software creates invoices and keeps track of all time spent on the file. It has made running the practice much easier.”

Work on the go with native iOS and Android apps


CARET Legal customers particularly love our time tracking functionality, with a 94% customer satisfaction rating on Time Tracking.

One CARET Legal customer particularly like that “You can email directly from a matter and create a time entry, making accurate billing easy.” 

Document Management

Firms using CARET Legal have more time for billable work because they spend less time on manual tasks associated with managing documents and versions. This reviewer makes great use of the document management workflows in CARET Legal:

“One feature I especially like is uploading documents to a client file. The upload feature lets me transfer documents from another data base and put them into a client’s file. Many times I get documents from the clerk of court docket. I simply download the document from the clerk’s website, then upload the document into a client’s file. Even better when I receive an email with attached documents I can save them in the client’s file with a click of the mouse.”

Learn more about Cloud-Based Document Management Built for the Modern Law Firm


The adage ‘you can’t manage what you don’t measure’ applies to law firm management and operations. CARET Legal’s built-in business and trust accounting, timekeeping and matter management provides access to comprehensive reports and key metrics. Generate Referral Reports, review work in progress, timekeeper productivity and your balance sheet. The health of the firm is at your fingertips.

“The biggest reason I changed to CARET Legal from Clio (in 2019) was the visual organization of the dashboard. It is so easy for me to see at a glance what I need to do each day; how close I am to my daily, weekly, and monthly earnings targets (which is very good at driving me toward higher-earning work); how much money I have in receivables at any one time (which helps me with my financial planning when I have large clients who pay invoices 90 days out); and, on a broader level; what the clientele of my law practice is from day to day and how it evolves.”

High-Performing Firms Choose High Performing Legal Practice Management

Today’s legal clients demand high-quality service from their attorneys, particularly regarding technology. Using the latest legal technology makes an attorney more efficient, accurate and productive, resulting in happier clients and more time to do what they are trained to do: practice law.

CARET Legal is a cloud native, 360-degree, integrated legal practice management platform. When new features or functionalities are rolled out, they are available to all firms – no update installation required. Read more about Cloud-Based Practice Management Software Benefits.

Go with High Performing Legal Practice Management. Start your move to CARET Legal today.

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