Cloud-Based Practice Management Software Benefits

With cloud-based applications, lawyers can easily store and access all of their legal documents and client information in one portable device in real time at any location.

Adoption of legal technology is becoming the norm and legal professionals are using legal practice management software to enhance the productivity of their practices. Not only because of more individuals working from home but advancements in technology overall have contributed to the legal industry embracing technology in the workplace. With cloud-based applications, lawyers can easily store and access all of their legal documents and client information in one portable device in real-time at any location, but many are still hesitant about having all of their confidential data and private information stored in the cloud. Some professionals choose to settle with their current, yet outdated, on-premise practice management system and are content to stick with it, even though it doesn’t have all of the functionality they need. Others are comfortable with relying on just their email server and a legal notepad to get by. However, none of these are valid enough reasons to ignore the technology revolution and embrace a better way of managing your law firm. There are more than just a few benefits to implementing a cloud-based legal practice management (LPM) system in your law firm.

Easy Access to Your Work

When it comes to on-premise software, all of your firm’s data is stored locally. Therefore, you must be connected to the server, whether in the office or through a remote desktop, in order to access your email, files, and other data. But what about those days when you need to go to the courthouse or meet with a client in a different location? What if your child is home sick and you need to work from home?

There have been many changes in work environments over the past few years. Between in-person, remote, and hybrid working, it can be hard to find a way for all of your employees to have access to everything they need when they’re scattered across different locations. That’s when a cloud-based management system is beneficial. With an LPM that can be accessible from multiple devices and locations, you and your coworkers don’t all need to be in a physical location, let alone the same one, when working. With many LPMs being compatible with multiple devices (Macs, PCs, Androids, iPhones, etc.), it makes tracking time, answering emails and accessing files more convenient.

Better Security

The legal industry has been abuzz with security concerns, especially since many firms and businesses have opted for flexible work environments. With law firms being a common target for cyberattacks due to the sensitive information they obtain and store and their slow adoption of cybersecurity policies, it’s critical that firms work with cloud-based SOC 2 compliant vendors.

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SOC 2 is a compliance standard that ensures businesses don’t take on undue risk when they hire a service provider. When vetting potential technology vendors, those that can provide SOC 2 certification to your firm, like CARET Legal, prove they have the safeguards in place to securely manage your practice’s sensitive data and protect the privacy of your clients. Not only is having a SOC 2 compliant vendor a benefit to your firm, but it also shows your clients that you have the security of their personally identifiable information in mind and that it’s not just your data you’re concerned about protecting, but theirs also.


Many cloud-based practice management systems offer the option to automate certain areas of your business. This can include document management and automation, scheduling, lead collection, managing tasks, and even a state of the art client portal for your firm’s clients to easily upload, download, and access case files or pay invoices.

By automating your practice with an LPM, you can cease wasting time and energy on time-consuming tasks so you can focus on the law. You also save your clients the aggravation of making sure files and bills on their end don’t get lost in the shuffle of all of your other documents, whether they be physical or digital. Even by integrating your billing, accounting, and payment software with your practice management platform, you can maximize efficiency and get paid faster.

Cost Effective

There is constant upkeep when it comes to on-premise software. Between physical maintenance and having to hire IT professionals for upkeep on the servers, it can be taxing on both your staff and your wallet. By purchasing an LPM subscription, you eliminate the extra costs of having to purchase or upgrade servers and hire an IT consultant for ongoing maintenance.


Maybe your employees want to gain access to their work in an easier capacity. Maybe you want your clients to feel more comfortable about trusting your law firm because of your high security standards. Maybe you want to automate your processes to make your job easier. Or maybe you just want to save money. Whatever the reason, investing in cloud-based legal practice management software can really benefit your firm in the long run and help your firm scale for the future.

Is your firm ready to reap the benefits of a cloud-based practice management system? CARET Legal provides firms with best-in-class case management and complete billing, accounting and reporting tools in one, easy-to-use platform. Between a free trial for your firm, and expert client success advisors to walk your firm through a smooth migration, CARET Legal is ready to move your firm to the cloud.

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