You’re Not ‘Fully Integrated’ If Your Application Requires External Integrations For Deep Functionality

Here at CARET Legal, we can understand why so many legal practice management programs make grand claims of being fully integrated, all-in-one solutions. Software with capabilities to meet all your law practice management needs in one user-friendly interface is appealing. The fact of the matter is that these claims are often misleading. You end up stuck with legal practice management software that relies on third-party applications and integrations to meet many of your key needs. The bottom line is – you can’t be an all-in-one practice management solution if you are relying on third party applications for important functions such as email, accounting, and document management.

As we learned in law school, caveat emptor. You need to look deeper into the software’s claim of being an all-in-one solution. Many applications fail to fully integrate critical features like accounting, email, and document management. You might have found a program that outsources its accounting functions to QuickBooks or other third-party accounting programs. Or, they have built-in accounting, but use DropBox for document management. Software that relies on external applications requires users to learn another user interface and new set of features, not to mention, pay for multiple subscriptions. Additionally, outside accounting and document management software is often not suited to meet the unique needs of a law firm. Law practices have specific accounting and document management needs. Most software is not geared towards meeting them.

Just think about the unique email needs of a law office. You want your email to be fully integrated with your legal practice management software because it makes it so much easier to send email to specific client matter related contacts, keep track of time when drafting and organize emails by client matter so everyone in the firm is kept in the loop. So many of these cloud-based legal practice management programs rely on workarounds to “file email” by requiring you to do something complicated like BCC matter related emails to some cryptic email address in order to file an email by client matter. This process is cumbersome and only works when you remember to add the BCC!

With CARET Legal, when we say we are all-in-one, we mean exactly that. We offer a consistent, fully integrated, user-friendly interface to meet all your law practice management needs. No need to learn the ins and outs of (and pay for!) multiple applications. CARET Legal’s features are deliberately built in, not tacked on. You only need to access our intuitive, easy to use interface for everything including:

This is all included in CARET Legal, designed specifically for law firms by a team that understands how law firms operate. Our timekeeping and legal accounting features track and log billable hours, manage your trust account, and generate beautiful invoices for your client matters. Our built-in email is fully-native and matter-centric. With CARET Legal, you can send, receive, and organize emails by client matter all in one place, access matter-related documents and keep track of your time while drafting. With CARET Legal’s exclusive RPost integration, you can send encrypted emails, and receive court-admissible proof of delivery. You can even turn incoming emails into tasks and assign them to another member of the firm. CARET Legal’s document management tools allow for versioning, tagging, comments, lockdown, and can transmit matter-related documents through our secure client portal. You can even scan multipage documents from our mobile app and save them directly into the relevant matter.

With a law firm’s unique needs in mind, CARET Legal is next generation legal practice management software that claims to be an all-in-one solution, because it is an all-in-one solution.

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