How Thriving Law Firms Can Quickly Manage Growing Caseloads

How do you manage a growing caseload while maintaining the high-quality service your clients have come to expect?

Congratulations! Your law firm is thriving, attracting a steadily increasing stream of clients and handling a diverse array of cases. However, with success comes new challenges. How do you manage a growing caseload while maintaining the high-quality service your clients have come to expect? The answer lies in embracing technology, specifically, legal practice management systems (LPMS).

Recognizing the Hurdles

Imagine a busy Monday morning at your law firm. The reception desk is bustling with activity, paralegals are multitasking, and attorneys are juggling various tasks. As your caseload expands, these tasks only multiply, leading to bottlenecks in several key areas:

Case Intake and Assignment

Visualize your reception desk buried under a mountain of new case files. Who will meticulously go through these files, capture all the necessary details, and assign them to the appropriate attorneys? 

Document Management

Consider the sheer volume of paperwork each case generates. Managing these documents manually is not only labor-intensive but also prone to errors. The backup often occurs when documents are not properly organized and stored, making retrieval difficult and time-consuming.


As caseloads grow, so does the need for efficient communication. However, managing multiple communication channels can be a daunting task. Breakdowns in communication often occur when there is no centralized system for communication.

Collaboration and Team Management

As your team expands, coordinating and managing teamwork becomes increasingly complex. Without an efficient system in place, this can lead to miscommunication, overlooked tasks, and reduced productivity.

Billing and Accounting

With an increasing number of cases comes the need for precise tracking of funds coming in and going out. Making sure every hour is counted, every invoice is sent and followed up on takes countless hours. Manual methods can lead to inaccuracies and disputes.

Using technology is the only efficient way to scale your operations

Now, envision a different scenario: The reception desk is still bustling, but new case files are automatically entered into a system that captures all the necessary details. Paralegals have access to a centralized document management system that simplifies document creation and management. Attorneys can easily track billable hours and communicate effectively with clients through a single platform.

This is what a well-implemented case management system can do for your firm:

From contacts, events, time/expenses and invoices, to documents, intake forms and more, you can manage every aspect of a case at a glance, increasing efficiency and keeping you more organized.

Streamlined Case & Matter Management 

Case management software, like CARET Legal, tracks all your cases and matters in one centralized location. It saves time and increases productivity with task and deadline management tools, time tracking, and billing capabilities. Plus, it allows you to share documents and communicate with your team and clients directly within the platform, ensuring everyone stays up to date. It gives a bird’s eye view of all the elements related to a case, in a single consolidated place. This includes smart statistics that keep you continuously updated and aware of vital information. From contacts, events, time/expenses and invoices, to documents, intake forms and more, you can manage every aspect of a case at a glance, increasing efficiency and keeping you more organized.

Matter management in CARET Legal

Track every aspect of a matter

Automated Workflows

CARET Legal provides legal workflow automation that is seamlessly embedded into your practice management system to drive efficiency across the firm. Every time a similar situation arises, CARET’s workflow can act as your firm’s internal playbook to get complex tasks completed and to the finish line. The possibilities are endless and can be tailored to meet your specific needs and practice area.

Intelligent Email

High-end solutions provide native legal email management that helps you handle important and confidential correspondence in a smart way. It’s built right into the practice management platform and the two-way sync means any messages sent inside or outside of your platform will show up in both email platforms. CARET Legal’s intelligent email management system automatically starts a timer as soon as an email is being composed. A time entry is then saved when the email is sent so you can automatically bill for communication time and avoid missing billable hours.

Legal Calendaring

Using a cloud-based legal calendaring system lets users schedule appointments and court dates, check deadlines, and easily share availability whether they’re in the office or on the go. Reminders and alerts can also be set for various events to ensure that nothing slips through the cracks and that time is managed effectively.

Calendar in CARET Legal

Never miss an important deadline

Task Management

By utilizing legal task management software, you can sort tasks based on urgency and importance, and delegate and assign tasks to various team members. Tasks are visible to everyone – keeping everyone accountable. You can also schedule tasks and set reminders for deadlines to ensure that critical tasks are not overlooked and deadlines are met.

Beyond Caseloads: The Extended Benefits of CARET

CARET Legal is scalable and can assist whether you’re a small firm or a 30+ employee office. Whether you’re adding more attorneys to your team or expanding your services, we are confident CARET Legal can handle it. Other benefits include:

  • Secure Client Data: With the rise in cyber threats, the security of client data is paramount. CARET Legal’s robust security features protect your client information from unauthorized access and data breaches.
  • Access to Valuable Insights: CARET legal’s financial component provides analytics and reports that give you in-depth insights into your firm’s performance. It can generate reports on various metrics related to productivity, compensation and profitability, helping you identify trends, areas of improvement, and growth opportunities.

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