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conflict checking
Law Firm Operations

How Legal Technology Can Double as Conflict Checking Software

One of the worst situations that can arise when onboarding new legal clients is making mistakes during a conflict check. These are serious situations that can carry a wide range of negative consequences for all involved, especially your client. The best way to deal with this type of scenario is

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Two IT professionals looking at computer screens with coding on them
Matter Management

The Human Side of SOC 2: It’s About More Than Just Technology

All organizations – particularly those that outsource crucial business operations to third-party technology businesses and SaaS companies – must ensure that their data is handled properly, protecting customers from data theft, extortion, and malware attacks. Service Organization Control 2 (SOC 2) provides a framework to help stakeholders ensure that vendors

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immigration lawyer working with clients
Law Firm Operations

A Huge Surge of Immigration Cases Is Coming. Are You Ready?

Immigration law firms are preparing for a massive influx of cases as the U.S. has seen a major uptick in immigration activity since the beginning of the year. If you handle immigration work, you should be prepared to see your caseloads as much as double as the year plays out.

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Billing, Payments & Accounting

Best Techniques For Reviewing Revenue and Expenses

Law firm leaders understand the concept and importance of profitability. Nevertheless, in many practices, expenses and revenue are not reviewed on a regular basis. While your firm may be focused on other aspects of maintaining business, it is imperative that steps are taken to ensure your firm continuously reviews its

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