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CARET Legal’s practice management platform assists firm administrators in improving operational efficiencies, making it easier for their staff to implement and execute daily tasks.

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Streamline firm operations

Eliminate your staff’s forgotten tasks and missed deadlines. With tools like CARET Legal Workflows, task management, and event scheduling, your firm can automate daily processes, track task progress, simplify scheduling, reduce communication gaps and increase productivity.
CARET Legal Workflows
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Collect revenue faster than ever before

Streamline cash flow with built-in payment processing, billing and accounting. With these tools, your team can reduce billing errors, accurately track billable hours, identify data-driven financial insights and simplify the payment process, increasing efficiency and enhancing your firm’s financial management.

Increase team collaboration

Keep your team on the same page with matter-centric management. In CARET Legal, every activity ties back to the matter, creating a centralized view of case-related documents, communications, events, tasks and more, improving collaboration and communication with every member of your firm.
Matter dashboard in CARET Legal
CRM in CARET Legal

Effectively manage relationships

With an integrated CRM, your firm can manage client data, track referral sources and activity trends, and identify prospective clients. CRMs enable legal staff to manage their relationships more effectively, improving client satisfaction and driving business growth.  

Stay in compliance

CARET Legal has advanced security and data protection measures in place to detect, investigate and stop threats before they can impact your firm’s operations. Our platform is SOC 2 compliant, guaranteeing the highest levels of client confidentiality, protecting your firm’s reputation.  

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24/7 support

Our dedicated team provides 24/7 support for all customers. We take pride in providing dependable and prompt assistance to our customers in need.

Seamless data migration and onboarding

We will help you transition from various cloud and legacy applications through a highly accurate migration process. With an efficient and personal onboarding process, you can establish a modernized practice quickly.

Specialized training

CARET Legal’s training program features instruction from industry experts, offering top-tier training that is customized to meet your firm’s unique needs.

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