Legal document management software that keeps the whole firm organized

With our native legal document management system you can efficiently create, manage, and store documents associated with each case/matter.

document management in CARET Legal

Track changes and maintain version control

CARET Legal’s document management software capabilities let you upload documents into folder hierarchies directly from your desktop. Effortlessly edit files and track changes made by team members to collaborate effectively and maintain version control. When documents are finalized, securely share them with clients using the CARET Legal client portal.

sharing documents within CARET Legal client portal
document preview in CARET Legal

Easily access important information

Advanced legal document management features allow you to find the information you need quickly and easily. In addition to database search, intelligent in-document search capabilities let you can locate specific details within lengthy documents or even extract text from data tables and handwritten notes with AI-enabled OCR scans.

Eliminate information overload

Quick Summary simplifies the process of understanding lengthy documents by offering you brief yet comprehensive summaries. By taking just a quick glance, you can easily grasp the main points, critical insights, and key takeaways. Quick Summary saves you time and effort by condensing complex information into an easily digestible preview, making it effortless to locate a document or refresh your memory on a set of documents.

Quick Summary feature in CARET Legal

Work seamlessly with other CARET tools

After creating, editing and storing documents within CARET Legal, continue your workflow with seamless integrations across email, tasks and our dynamic CRM.

Eliminate uploading and downloading from Microsoft Word with our plugin

Open and save Microsoft Word documents from directly within CARET Legal with the Word Ribbon plugin.

Powerful legal document management software

Better organize your legal files

Efficient file management is not just crucial—it’s a game changer.

Manage your document effectively

Create, organize, store and share legal documents associated with specific matters/cases in one centralized location.

“CARET Legal has been a game-changer for me when it comes to document management. One of my favorite features is the ability to easily upload documents to a client file. Whether I receive documents from the clerk of court docket or as email attachments, I can quickly and easily transfer them to the appropriate client’s file with just a few clicks.”

– Verified CARET Legal User on G2

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