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Time and Billing Software For Law Firms

Scale, Streamline and Modernize Your Law Firm’s Workflow With CARET Legal’s Time and Billing Software

The process of tracking time and generating bills is the lifeblood of practically every law firm.  CARET Legal’s time-tracking and billing capabilities streamline your firm’s billing workflow by eliminating errors caused by manual tracking, allowing you to bill for many tasks as you work contemporaneously, enabling a smooth process from creation of time entry to pre-billing and invoicing to accelerate WIP to cash.  CARET Legal’s time and billing management capabilities are seamlessly integrated with CARET Legal’s built-in accounting and practice management platform, resulting in a high level of accuracy and efficiency without reliance on third-party integrations.

Time Tracking

CARET Legal offers a myriad of methods to track time, including the ability to run multiple timers with auto-pause as you switch between matters, automatically create time entries as you draft emails, as you take phone call notes, from scheduling events on the calendar, on CARET Legal’s iOS and Android apps, from the Activity Log and more.  Other timekeeping include:

  • “No Charge” and “No Charge, Don’t Show” options
  • Customizable Work Categories
  • Round-up Increments
  • Matter-User Rates

Expense Tracking

You can pass on expenses to clients through Soft Cost entries. CARET Legal can also automatically create hard cost expense entries as you make checks to vendors and from syncing your bank or credit card activity with your financial institution.


You can set invoices to be in approved status upon creation or require draft mode and/or approval.  CARET Legal also provides firm administrators with the option of locking-down invoices that have been approved so that they cannot be edited and instead of allowing deletes, they become voided in order to maintain record changing.

Billing Profiles

CARET Legal offers the ability to set billing profiles on a per-client basis which are automatically inherited by any new matter created for the respective client.  This significantly reduces errors and billing workflow friction for firms that represent clients on multiple matters,

LEDES Billing and UTBMS Codes

For firms that represent corporate clients who require invoices in electronic format, CARET Legal offers Legal Electronic Data Exchange Standard (LEDES) compliant invoices using ABA UTBMS codes.

Batch Billing and Batch Invoice Email Blasting

CARET Legal supports various bulk actions for firms that generate a large volume of invoices including bulk invoicing, bulk-application of trust funds, bulk email blasting of invoices and Statements of Account to facilitate timely payments and improve cash flow.  Emails are sent to your clients from your actual account. CARET Legal is robust enough to handle emailing of thousands of invoices for each billing cycle with a single click.

Support for Hard Costs and Soft Costs

Because CARET Legal has complete accounting system built-in, you can pass on both hard and soft costs to clients.  When you cut a check to a vendor, you can allocate some or part of that amount to a matter and automatically cute it up for billing.

Beautiful, Highly-Customizable Invoices

You can embed your firm’s high-resolution logo for laser-sharp printing and customize rows, columns, labels, fonts, colors, and optional summary info including:

  • Client balance
  • Matter balance
  • Trust balance
  • Trust transactions since prior invoice
  • Statement of Account Summary

Trust Accounting For Law Firms

CARET Legal offers powerful trust accounting capabilities such as:

  • Manage unlimited number of trust accounts
  • Manage operating retainers
  • Issue Trust Checks
  • Bulk-apply trust funds to open invoices
  • Matter Trust Ledger
  • Drillable Trust Ledger Summary report
  • Trust fund request

Securely Share Invoices and Get Paid Through a Branded Portal

Your clients can view and pay invoices conveniently on your firm’s own portal using your LawPay account.   You can get notifications when they view or pay invoices.

Bill on the Go with CARET Legal’s iOS and Android Apps

CARET Legal enables your firm to capture more billable time and expenses as you incur them in real time, whether in or out of the office through beautiful iOS and Android apps.

Powerful Reporting

CARET Legal sports powerful billing reports to keep your firm abreast of critical information to help identify strengths and weaknesses with respect to your financials and to closely keep track of productivity.  These reports include:

  • Work in Progress
  • Timekeeper Productivity
  • Accounts Receivable Aging Summary
  • Originating Attorney (including Split Origination)
  • Equity and non-equity partner reports
  • Referral Tracking
  • Trust Ledger
  • Matter Ledger
  • Time and Expense Sheet reports
  • Trust Ledger, Trust Ledger Summary and 3-Way Reconciliation reports
  • Bank and credit card registers
  • Complete suite of accounting reports including General Ledger, Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet and Trial Balance

For more information on how our time and billing software can help your law firm become more efficient, schedule a demo.

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