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Mobile functionality for practice management applications should mean more than just a mobile-friendly website and slow loading times. With CARET Legal’s mobile apps, you can easily add or edit tasks, access contact information, initiate calls or texts, and view upcoming information or case documents on-the-go.

Quick Summary feature in CARET Legal
Lawyer using CARET Legal's Quick Summary feature

Our vision is to build the best platform for law firms, helping to create space for what matters. This means automating the busy work, speeding up labor intensive tasks and building workflows that work like magic. Quick Summary harnesses the best in class technology to enable law firms to:

Maximize Productivity. Quick Summary enables a more efficient workflow by generating concise summaries, allowing users to quickly assess the relevance and importance of a document or set of documents.​

Transform Document Analysis. Quick Summary instantly distills the essence of a document, ensuring users have all the essential details to navigate complex documents easily and accurately.​​

Keeping Firm & Client Data Safe & Our Commitment to Privacy

We’re committed to making sure we’re using AI in the best way. That means regularly taking a close look at how we use, or plan to use, AI and the tools that support it. Quick Summary is powered by Microsoft’s Azure Open AI and built in a closed environment, meaning client data isn’t exposed outside of a firm’s instance of CARET Legal.

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