Document automation that’s intuitive, user-friendly, and fast

Our advanced legal document automation software is powered by HotDocs, the leading system that streamlines the process of creating complex and customized legal documents, such as contracts and wills.

With a straightforward interface, you can increase productivity by automatically generating customized legal documents up to 90% faster than manual document creation.

Document management comes standard with all plans, but the HotDocs legal document automation software integration is only available as part of our Enterprise Advance pricing tier.

HotDocs interview in CARET Legal
form builder in CARET Legal

Our form-builder makes legal document automation that much easier

Our form builder simplifies the automated generation of legal documents with the ability to create reusable templates that seamlessly pull in any contact and matter-related information from CARET Legal. With secure sharing options, you can effortlessly send client intake forms to prospects and automatically populate your document templates with their data.

Document assembly software paired with document management

HotDocs document automation software pairs nicely with our document management features. Not only can you automatically generate multiple types of documents using different templates, but you can easily modify files and track edits for effective collaboration and version control. Once created, you can securely store documents, and access them later using intelligent search features.

person on their laptop using their legal practice management platform

Legal document automation software that ensures consistency

Create complex documents with ease

With document automation, every document is in real-time, all the time.

Save time and reduce mistakes

Minimize your margin for error and simplify time-consuming document generation processes.

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