Ensure privileged information doesn’t end up in the wrong hands

Our legal client portal for law firms allows you and your clients to securely view and share documents. Equipped with 256-bit, bank-level encryption, clients can also pay invoices, guaranteeing that privileged information remains protected from unauthorized access.
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Securely share case files

Legal client portals facilitate the secure sharing of confidential documents. Clients can upload documents for the firm to review and receive files and communications from attorneys in a manner that protects their personally identifiable information.

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sharing documents and invoices through the client portal

Streamline your payment process

Our legal client portal integrates seamlessly with APX, our payment processing system designed for law firms. Share invoices with your clients with the click of a button. Clients can then easily make credit card, ACH or e-check payments through the client portal as well as save their credit cards within the platform and set up recurring payments to make doing business with your firm that much easier.

Secure and confidential communication with client portal software for law firms

Grow your law firm with a client-focused portal

Learn how client portals increase engagement, simplify collaboration and improve law firm efficiencies.

Improve client engagement

Secure client portals streamline critical communications and boost customer satisfaction.

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