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Firm Budgeting

At CARET Legal, we’re firm believers that “what isn’t measured, cannot be improved.” By measuring progress, productivity and profitability, your firm can identify opportunities for growth across your entire enterprise.

Developing firm-wide budgets is a clear way to establish, and track, goals. Budgeting helps firms forecast expenses upfront so they can better plan for expenses and safeguard profitability.

Using CARET Legal’s Firm Budgeting feature, firm leaders can create firm-wide budgets to forecast revenue and expenses on a monthly, quarterly and/or yearly basis. Your firm can specify a budget figure for any applicable Profit & Loss accounts, including Expenses (Advertising, Payroll, CLES, etc.) and Revenues (Professional Fees, Soft Cost Revenues, etc.). These budgets can then be selected on the Profit & Loss Report, comparing them to the actual amounts and display the differences.

CARET Legal's Profit and Loss report

Looking to improve your firm’s budgeting methods? Take CARET Legal for a 10-day test drive.




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