Family Law Firm Accelerates Productivity Within Days of Implementing CARET Legal Workflows 

Alyssa Carlson from Otto Family Law S.C.
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Otto Family Law S.C.



Firm Size

Mid-size firm with 5-10 attorneys

Practice Area

Family Law


The team at Otto Family Law S.C. had been using and paper lists to track their tasks in workflows. Unfortunately, only a few people were regularly using while the rest of the team primarily used paper lists. This made it extremely difficult for the team to see who was working on what, and to know how and when to route tasks to the appropriate attorneys and paralegals. 


With CARET Legal Workflows, the team at Otto Family Law S.C. was able to easily set up automated steps to kick off and assign tasks to the right team members. Alyssa Carlson, the law firm’s office manager, worked directly with the attorneys and paralegals to set up the workflow templates, anchor dates, and timelines for the automation.  

“This is huge. We are now all using the same task system in CARET Legal because of the automated workflows.”

Alyssa Carlson, Office Manager, Otto Family Law S.C. 

The Workflow Templates made it easy for the team to automatically schedule tasks and calendar events in a sequence based on a specific anchor date. For example, the attorneys and paralegals created a workflow template for documents that need service. They typically collaborate on servicing documents by a drop-dead date or else a hearing cannot occur. In order to make sure they are taking action before the drop-dead date, they have implemented a workflow template that creates a calendar event for the drop-dead date, and subsequent reminder tasks for the appropriate team members to follow-up on the service before the deadline. 

“The workflow setup is very straightforward. I’m really liking the system and for how new this feature is on CARET, I am really impressed with the ease of setting it up. I’m not an IT specialist and I was able to do it. I love that you can trigger the tasks based on calendar days or business days. The possibilities are endless, and I am super grateful that we have this ability now.”

Alyssa Carlson, Office Manager, Otto Family Law S.C. 


Within two weeks of having access to CARET Legal Workflows, the Otto Family Law S.C. team was able to set up and implement 8 workflow templates across the firm. The automation that creates calendar events are now triggered by their workflow templates. This has been instrumental in helping them meet their drop-dead dates and follow-up proactively to ensure nothing gets missed by their deadlines. 

When comparing CARET Legal Workflows to their old paper lists, Carlson says, “This has made things so much easier. It takes the questions out of who’s working on what and who’s in charge of this portion of the project. Being able to add the responsible role to each task is really nice.”  

In addition, the Otto Family Law S.C. team was able to completely move off, saving them over $2,400 annually on additional tools. Everyone in the law firm is now better aligned as they use the same task management system through CARET Legal Workflows. 

“CARET Legal Workflows are awesome. We know this is going to save so much time and keep things from falling off our plates without losing momentum.”

Alyssa Carlson, Office Manager, Otto Family Law S.C.