Berry Law Offices Elevates Client Service with CARET Legal

Berry Law Offices


Berry Law Offices


Princeton, Minnesota

Firm Size

5-10 attorneys

Practice Areas

Family Law, Business Law, Real Estate

CARET Legal Customer

Since February 2017

About Berry Law Offices 

Berry Law Office undertook an evaluation to upgrade their technology from on-premise, Amicus Attorney to a cloud-based solution. After considering several options, they ultimately chose CARET Legal for its superior interface and its “all-in-one” platform capabilities to enable a better experience for their staff and clients. “It’s a really robust system,” says D. Scott Berry, an attorney at Berry Law Offices. “I also really liked the interface, which is so important. A lot of the other legal software is very unappealing and it doesn’t motivate me when I have to look at it all day. CARET Legal had everything that we were looking for.” 

“We had been using the desktop version of Amicus Attorney for over 10 years. While I had my concerns, the migration to CARET Legal was much smoother than I originally thought it would be.”

D. Scott Berry, Attorney at Berry Law Offices 

Enhancing Communication with Client Texting 

Client texting has become more and more important to the team at Berry Law Offices as their clients preferred this form of communication over email and phone calls. Berry says, “Clients want to be able to respond on their own time. The beauty of texting is that it’s not email. It’s a quick thing, as opposed to an email being much longer and more time-consuming to digest.” 

The firm evaluated and tried other texting solutions like Zoom SMS, but found CARET Legal to be far superior with its all-in-one approach. CARET Legal automatically adds client texts to the client’s file, which not only helps the team stay organized with their client communication, but also gives the firm the ability to leverage their team members’ strengths and respond faster. 

“Some of our staff is really good at responding. Anyone can see the communication correspondence that came through texts and whoever’s available can respond to the client. That’s huge.”

D. Scott Berry, Attorney at Berry Law Offices 

Happier Clients and Successful Outcomes 

The team at Berry Law Offices was able to easily set up client texting in the CARET Legal platform. Because this feature is included in all plans, there was no additional overhead to provide this level of service to their clients. With client texting, the firm is now able to: 

  • Send text reminders to their clients for appointments and court dates 
  • Significantly reduce the time spent on phone call reminders 
  • Deliver superior service and quick responses to clients over text 
  • Capture more client communication in an automated and organized way 
“I love CARET Legal. It is a great program. Client texting provides us a way to update clients on appointments and court dates. Many of them prefer that over a phone call.”

D. Scott Berry, Attorney at Berry Law Offices