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Law Firm Operations

What Lateral Attorneys Should Consider Before They Move

When considering a lateral move to another firm, it is important for an attorney to make the appropriate inquiries into each potential firm. A thorough investigation into any potential new firm is necessary, now, more than ever as the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the practice of law. Remote work is

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Law Firm Operations

Best Practices When Starting a Law Firm

When considering starting a boutique law firm, there are many issues that need to be addressed prior to the first day of business. For instance, if a lawyer is leaving another firm, it is critical that the lawyer read any documentation or current firm policies regarding clients and transferring data.

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Law Firm Operations

How Best To Communicate in Today’s Environment

Communication with clients and prospective clients has always been very important. Due to the current climate, it is even now more important to ensure that clients and potential new clients are receiving the communications that they want, in the format that they want, and when they want them. Proper communication

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Document Management

How to Foster Collaboration in Law Firms While Working Remotely

Knowing how to foster collaboration in law firms is critical for successfully managing your firm. Clients expect their attorneys to address increasingly complex issues that cross areas of expertise and jurisdictions. Continuing to adhere to monolithic models and approaches will result in frustrated and unsatisfied clients, and ultimately less revenue.

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Migrating data into a law practice management platform
Law Firm Operations

Migrating to a New LPM: How Much Data Should You Move?

Congratulations! Your firm has decided to move to a new practice management, billing or accounting platform. You have gone through the analysis, made a selection, and now comes the big question – What data should be brought over to the new application?

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Three coworkers working on the firm's trust accounting
Billing, Payments & Accounting

Trust Accounting Software 101

It’s important to keep bar association regulations in mind and ultimately choose a platform that will make compliance efforts more efficient. All law firms are required to maintain accounting records for client funds deposited in trust accounts. Finding the right software solution to assist with the necessary record-keeping for those

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work from home essentials such as a computer, phone, cup of coffee
Matter Management

Work-From-Home Tech Essentials

During our recent ALA webcast, The Flexible Law Firm: Is your practice ready to embrace a work from home program?, there were dozens of questions around technology solutions required for successful implementation of a work-from-home program. You need the right devices, the right processes and the right software that enforce

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