Task Management – Streamlining Your Firm’s Workflow

What are the unique steps your firm takes to complete tasks?

By now you’ve processed hundreds of new clients. You perform the same steps for every new client, but have no way of knowing their status in the process. With all the work you have on your plate, there is no time to run around the office, figuring out which member of your staff was in charge of each task and if they are on track.

With CARET Legal’s task management system, you can easily streamline workflow within your firm. Delegation of tasks has never been easier. With each new task, you can delegate a task to your colleague who’s in charge of completing the task, along with a deadline date for completion. Your colleague is then notified when they are assigned a task and you will receive a notification when the task is complete (or not). You can also prioritize tasks, sort (by color), add notes for comments or questions and generate a time entry, which can later be billed from the time feature or directly from the task itself.

Baseline procedures may be labeled as “recurring” tasks; however, multiple tasks and processes can be created into Task Templates. Because every firm has their own unique processes, your firm can create a custom, automated task list containing an infinite number of subtasks to get the job done. For instance, your client intake probably includes these steps:

  • Send prospective client intake form with accompanying instructions
  • Schedule consultation with prospective client
  • Perform conflicts check
  • Create new matter

and so on. The status of each task can be viewed along the way, enforcing accountability and efficiency within your firm.

Having a clear path to accomplish your work will save your team a lot of time, money and prevent errors. To view our task management features in action, check out next week’s webinar on Tuesday, September 27, 2016 (12:30-1:00 EDT) and learn how to keep your team members on task.

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