Streamline Your Process With Document Automation

Whether you’ve been practicing for years or just starting out, you undoubtedly have multiple simple form documents that you use again and again. When you think about the time you waste replacing the information and customizing the same document for each matter, it can really add up. Want to find a better way to streamline this process? CARET Legal’s document automation software will do the trick!

What is Document Automation?

Managing your documents with document automation allows you to use information already entered into CARET Legal like your firm information, client name and address and create custom data fields such as “Marital Status” and “Name of Children” to automatically generate your form documents using templates in Microsoft Word. With one simple click, you can now automatically create Retainer Agreements, Closing Letters, Medical Request Letters or anything else you need for a case.

Why is it important?

CARET Legal’s Document Automation will streamline the process of generating legal documents to help increase the efficiency of your practice. Using this feature, your firm will be able to produce more matter-related documents in a shorter amount of time and send them to your clients in a timely manner. This automated process also helps to keep your firm organized and reduce human error which could occur by manually creating a new form for each case. Using CARET Legal’s cloud storage, any member of your firm can access Document Automation at any time and collaborate on changes to your important legal documents.

Today more than ever before, lawyers need to be technologically competent. As of this writing, 26 states have adopted the ethical duty of technology competence. But that’s only one reason to propel your practice using CARET Legal’s document automation. Your clients expect their legal work to be delivered in the quickest and most efficient way possible. The less time you spend on generating documents, the more time you can spend focusing on what matters the most: practicing law.

As with everything CARET Legal, all Document Automation information is securely stored in our cloud. Confidential information is kept safe inside CARET Legal’s servers, which are equipped with bank-grade SSL encryption as well as two-factor authentication for sharing access to new users, strict password strength requirements and detailed logging of activities within an account.

Check out our video to get started with Document Automation and get your practice into shape for the new year.

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