Take Your Clients’ Pulse by Reviewing Communications

As a conscientious professional, you constantly strive to satisfy your clients.  After all, a happy client can lead the way to great referrals and more business. To achieve this, you must be responsive and attentive, while establishing a sense of trust that your client can rely on you to help solve their problems.

Well-serviced clients receive timely responses to their emails and regularly scheduled phone calls to discuss the details of their case. One way to ensure that you and the rest of your team are satisfying your clients’ requests is to monitor and keep track of case-related conversations. Here’s how CARET Legal’s really helpful. To confirm that your legal team is responsive to your clients’ needs, check out the Communications tab within a specific matter. This feature keeps a record of all of the critical interactions your office is having with your client so you can oversee how the case is progressing (and what needs more attention).

Any time an email is associated with a matter, a copy of the email will be automatically copied to the matter’s Communications tab. With CARET Legal’s automation, you no longer have to “CC” any member of your staff because the information is available to any team member who has permission to access that matter. Your team also has the ability to forward, “reply all” to and download email attachments directly from the Communications tab. They can also review phone call communications and any RPost receipts that are associated with the matter. These matter-centric features keep all communications with the relevant case file to help your firm stay organized.

Reviewing communications between your firm and clients creates accountability within your firm. You can now check in regularly to see if and when a team member is responding to the requests of your clients in a timely manner. And if the client isn’t receiving timely attention, you can proactively take control before you hear from an unhappy client.

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