The Power of ONE Interface

When searching for the best legal practice management software, you need to consider which application will best improve your firm’s efficiency. One factor to look at is whether the software can take care of all your firm’s needs from a single platform. Many practice management platforms integrate with multiple third-party applications as a means to increase functionality for their users and draw in prospects. Although it may seem as though your firm would benefit greatly from software that integrates with many other applications, this may not be the case.

Think about it. Each program has tangible and intangible costs associated with it. Not only will your firm have to pay for subscriptions for each third party integration and learn how to use the software, but everyone who uses it will have to work their way around multiple user interfaces, some of which are not built to be “lawyer-friendly.” If your legal practice management software included native features, you would save your firm extra time and money that would be put to better use.

Fortunately, the burden of wrestling with external applications is what led us to create CARET Legal, bringing you a complete 360-degree integrated practice management system. All of CARET Legal’s features, along with the use of our native email and legal accounting features, help manage the business and practice aspects of your firm within one complete platform so you never have to look elsewhere. We call this the Power of ONE. Our organically grown integrations allow any lawyer to operate one user interface with ease. CARET Legal’s native email and accounting features foster collaboration with your legal team as well. Emails can be transformed into tasks and assigned to other team members, while permission level roles can be designated within your firm to view accounting information. The less time your firm spends on keeping track of external applications, the more time you have to serve the needs of your clients. That’s the CARET Legal way.

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