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legal technology adoption
Law Firm Operations

The Key to Legal Technology Adoption at Your Firm

The legal sector’s adoption of new technology has always been slow and conservative, for good reason. Attorneys have many considerations that other businesses do not have, such as privilege, compliance, confidentiality, and security. Training your firm’s employees on new technology is difficult to get right, but powerful when done correctly. 

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two people's hands on a desk with an open portfolio in front of one of them
Law Firm Operations

Conducting Exit Interviews

By definition, an exit interview is a conversation between an employer and an outgoing employee. The objective is to determine how the firm can improve on its processes and culture. These interviews usually consist of an honest and forthcoming conversation as an outgoing employee often feels less reluctant to give

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conflict checking
Law Firm Operations

How Legal Technology Can Double as Conflict Checking Software

One of the worst situations that can arise when onboarding new legal clients is making mistakes during a conflict check. These are serious situations that can carry a wide range of negative consequences for all involved, especially your client. The best way to deal with this type of scenario is

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lawyers discussing how to improve profitability in their practice
Billing, Payments & Accounting

Conducting a Law Firm Profitability Analysis with Practice Management Software

Knowing how to determine what factors have the most impact on your financial health requires a solid law firm profitability analysis strategy. The invaluable insights this process produces will ensure that every ounce of your energy is helping you maximize your firm’s profits. But, remember: realization and profitability are not

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Two IT professionals looking at computer screens with coding on them
Matter Management

The Human Side of SOC 2: It’s About More Than Just Technology

All organizations – particularly those that outsource crucial business operations to third-party technology businesses and SaaS companies – must ensure that their data is handled properly, protecting customers from data theft, extortion, and malware attacks. Service Organization Control 2 (SOC 2) provides a framework to help stakeholders ensure that vendors

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