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Matter Management

A Few of Our Favorite Things from 2021

Each year, the CARET Legal development team releases hundreds of updates and dozens of new features to help law firms be more efficient and profitable. While this year was full of updates and changes, CARET Legal users have spoken, and we’re pleased to share our top 10 releases of 2021.

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Law Firm Operations

Law Firm Budgets and Forecasts 101

No business owner wants to deal with a financial emergency due to lack of planning. In order to monitor how a firm is doing financially year to year, every law firm should maintain an internal budget/forecast. A budget/forecast report provides the owner a monthly snapshot of how the firm is

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Law Firm Operations

Addressing Law Firm Risk Management Challenges with Practice Management Software

The unexpected shift to a remote workforce accelerated the pace of digital transformation. Having to vet an onslaught of new technology quickly, firms added different applications, communication and collaboration platforms, and cloud-based document management and storage systems to their tech stack. However, adding these disparate technologies and integrating them creates

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Law Firm Operations

Hybrid Work Environments

In today’s workplace, 65% of employees are looking for another job. To compete for the best employees, employers must remain current, providing a quality, forward-thinking work environment which includes hybrid work options. Prior to the pandemic, law firms allowed only exempt employees (lawyers and professionals) to work remotely, and then

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