Who is Francine McGillicuddy and why is she writing to me?

Have you ever received an email from someone and couldn’t quite put your finger on who they were? Did you later find out that the email contact was a member of the case that you are working on? Your firm is consistently dealing with cases, clients, and other related individuals which makes it easy to lose track of what point of contact is associated with which matter.

In CARET Legal, you can create as many contacts as you wish while associating each with a role in a matter. Label the role of each contact as “Investigator”, “Consultant”, “Primary Client”, or create your own designated role description. Thus, every time you receive an email related to a matter you have created into CARET Legal, there will appear the Matter icon next to the contact name. By scrolling your mouse over the icon, you will be able to see what matter the contact is associated with and their role in that matter. Never again will you have to scratch your head staring sideways at the name of a sender.

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