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All your contacts, anywhere you go.

Your law firm has many contacts to keep track of: clients, prospects, referral sources, witnesses, opposing counsel and so many more. With all this information, it’s key to have a central location to easily locate, track and manage contact data. Our legal contact management software can be used in any location at any time, so you always have access, whether you’re in the office, in court or on the go.

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Locate contact info and so much more

A legal contact management system helps you store important information about all of your clients, prospects and other people that you work with. Here’s a look at some of the robust functionality you’ll find with CARET Legal’s contact management system:

Create custom fields for contacts

Add as many contact fields as necessary

Search and filter by categories, including contact role, contact type and person created by

Copy contact name, company, telephone and street address with one click to the clipboard

Instantly compose an email by clicking on a contact’s email address

Add tags

View related matters based on the contact

View billing options like delivery preference, rate card or billing group

View CARET Legal Portal status, expiration date and link code

Utilize import and export capabilities

Add contacts by taking a photo of a business card using CARET Legal’s mobile apps

“Full integration of CARET Legal with billing, document management and client contacts in one place is critical for daily deadlines and tasks. It is more intuitive than other products and reduces the need to have multiple programs. Integrating all of our client management, billing and document systems into one house has streamlined our daily practice. Instead of utilizing one system to track time and bill, one system for client contacts and a third system for document management, we are able to access all the information we need in one place.”

– Verified CARET Legal User on G2

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