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Contact Management for Law Firms

Your law firm has to keep track of all manner of contacts: clients, prospects, referral sources, witnesses, opposing counsel… the list goes on.

CARET Legal’s contact management helps you organize your contacts in an intelligent manner to easily filter and search through them. Look up every contact related to clients and matters. Access critical client data including related contacts, communication history, and more.

Contact Management feature in CARET Legal

Features at a glance:

  • View cards and lists easily
  • Create custom fields for Persons and Contacts
  • Add as many contact fields as necessary
  • Search and filter by categories, including contact role (from a matter), contact type, person created by
  • Copy contact name, company, telephone and street address with 1 click to the clipboard
  • Instantly email contact within CARET Legal
  • Robust import and export capabilities
  • Powerful mobile features including the ability to add contacts by simply taking a photo of a business card using the CARET Legal iOS and Android apps

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