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CARET Legal Notes – Making Legal Pads Obsolete

There is a reason that most law practices have that legal-pad order on auto-replenish. Best practices dictate that you and your colleagues take notes constantly – from the first contact with a prospective client, throughout the engagement and until the case closes. Of course, these notes must then be transcribed and saved to the correct folder, causing additional work for your team. At CARET Legal, we’re making it our mission to eliminate legal pads. Our Notes feature allows you to easily draft, save and retrieve all of the important information you jot down each day. No more searching for that rogue note you scribbled down last week.

Notes feature in CARET Legal

Matter-Based Note Taking

Simply select the appropriate matter and start drafting! CARET Legal’s Note feature will automatically index the information so all team members will retrieve it with ease. At any time, you have the ability to see who created the note and who has modified it, as well as make your own updates.

Formatting Comes Standard

Most note applications provide the minimum: plain text, no formatting features. Sadly, a lack of formatting not only makes it difficult to easily digest and convey information, but it makes your work product look simplistic. This is why CARET Legal’s Notes feature allows you to format text with our Rich Text Editor. Your notes, just like your documents, can contain bulleted lists, anchors and even links. You can also save your notes to a PDF file and share them with clients or opposing counsel.

Find Information Fast

CARET Legal’s Notes feature has a folder system, allowing you to easily organize all of your notes. The information contained in your notes can also be searched using CARET Legal’s universal search feature. This is extremely helpful when you’re performing conflict checks or searching for missing information you know was previously recorded.

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